About us

Are you an adventure lover or a nature lover? If you have the strongest determination for exploring the best
natural and adventurous destination, you are ever welcome to Nepal, the land of the Himalayas full of
adventure and surprises. Great Nepal Treks has put together the customized itineraries, which take the hassle
out of travelling in remote outback Nepal.

Nepal is a land of nature where you can taste the best blend between nature and culture. The essence of nature
will take you to infinity and beyond. Great Nepal Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is the one best trekking
agencies in Nepal acting as the bridge between your dreams and destinations with 100% satisfaction.
We have a team of handpicked local individuals at your disposal who collectively have a vast amount of
experience in serving clients from around the world. You will find your niche with our exquisitely personalized
trips that leave you breathless, spellbound and wanting more. Our competitive advantage is that the satisfaction
of our guests is of unparalleled importance to us. Equally important is the financial satisfaction of our clients,
preservation of our cultural heritage and diversity and our commitment to performing responsible tourism. Our
Managing Director Mr. Surya Bahadur Ghimire has already served in Trekking Agencies’ Association of
, TAAN, the only one umbrella Organization of all Trekking Agencies’ in Nepal as an Executive member
and Media Coordinator (2015-2017). During those valuable days of 2 years, he has gone through the depth
analysis of tourism demand in Nepal and eagerly working to explore not only the company but also branding
the probability of tourism of Nepal as an international product in the coming days.

Our climbing Sherpa who are also regarded as “The legend of the Himalayas” are very cooperative and well
experienced born in the lap of white mountains and frequently conquer the highest peak in the world “Mt.
Everest” successfully. We have very special stories between the Sherpa and our guests. The local participation
and the family environment turn you into the member of our family though you come to Nepal as a client for
the first time. Enjoy the expertise of our experienced, well-trained and passionate Tour and trekking Guides.
Since it is very clear that visiting Nepal once is not enough. You never feel regret to re-plan the visit to the land
of Yeti several times with Great Nepal Treks because we are ever ready to welcome you. Simply you need to be
passionate and enthusiastic to step the Himalayas with your feet. Just leave your foot prints here and carry the
essence of real natural Nepal with the story of our peculiar traditions, cultures, casts, Sub-casts, ethnic groups,
nature, biodiversity, flora and fauna, society and various communities etc. Try with us and find out for yourself.
You ever feel different and complete with local hospitalities and selfless smiles of Nepali societies. Enjoy the
best live local experiences and warm hospitality with the tender hearts while you are comfortable, well fed and

“Join with us and feel the difference”