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Accessible Tourism

We ever appreciate the slogan of “Accessible Tourism for all, Barrier-free traveling with Great Nepal Treks.”

The aging population of the world is increasing day by day. Within the tourism field, tourist with disabilities has a variety of motivations, desired experiences, and support requirement that are eager to observe the world being the bird in the open air. We are passionate about Accessible Tourism.

Above all, the innovation of modern information technologies has shrieked the time and space in the present era. Space is no longer considered an impediment to all travelers. Great Nepal Treks and its whole team is very concerned to eradicate the social inequalities among the population as these exclude many from tourism and travel and ensure universal access to vacations. Our program includes the desires of not only the disabled but also those who are senior citizens, retirees, etc who might be single, widowed, or divorced.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 35% of people over 65 years of age have some type of disability.

We not only operate active vacations for all elderly tourists but also include experience-based holidays too like travel to various destinations, honeymoons with Heli flights,white-water rafting, camping, jungle safaris, natural and world heritage sites explorations, or cultural and historical-based products. We allow you to travel with the appropriate conditions of the economy, accessibility, safety, and comfort.

Similarly, our company treats all equally and feels to provide equal opportunities for all citizens to participate in social life. As per our experience, Travel and tourism are the second activity that senior citizens choose, retirees, and differently-abled people globally after walking or hiking.

Who can travel with us?

Following the principle of “Walking With Reason, No Bar of the Season” we include Accessible Tourism:

• Travelers with mobility impairments.
• People with Visual impairments.
• People with hearing impairments.
• People with speech impairments.
• People with hidden disabilities etc.

By connecting with us, you can share your lifetime memories and experiences. We have the patience to listen to the gain and pain story of your lifetime.

Why Travel with Great Nepal Treks?

• Rest and relaxation
• Socializing
• Seeing new places and partaking in new experiences.
• Escaping the daily routines
• Interact with other people
• Be with family and friends
• Enjoy nature, culture, and different typical cuisine.
• Visit new places, and people and try new experiences.
• Occupy your free or leisure time.
• Tell your story of an experiment with local communities.

This program also focuses on the traveling desires of senior citizens globally.

Connecting with Great Nepal Treks, you can
• Utilize your leisure time and inactive funds
• Making you live young, active, and innovative.
• Interacting with several ethnic people and working with them.
• Supporting remote villagers, helping to educate the siblings of guides and porters, and several governmental schools.
• This will eradicate your loneliness in the later stages of life which are a major issue for older and disabled people.

We provide several social platforms where you can involve in movement/ displacement to a different place from the place of residence, a form or manifestation of leisure, discovery, interaction with the environment, intercultural contact, and social interactions.

Since barrier-free traveling has become one of the most important and essential tourism topics of the 21st Century, Great Nepal Treks feel proud to operate several traveling programs or itineraries for those citizens or travelers who are really searching to explore natural Nepal with the feeling of Barrier-free movement. Our destination experts are always ready to craft you the best matchable programs to include your traveling interest with feelings. We welcome our all-senior citizens or disabled travelers to explore the country of Everest as our guests and stay here sometime being our family members.

Travel with Great Nepal Treks and share your better and bitter story of pain and gain that you have experienced during your lifetime. They will be the source to transform the society that always discriminates among able and disabled people.

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