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Yoga & Meditation in Nepal

The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which gives the meaning of yoke or bind. Yoga is popularly interpreted as “Union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices yoga we called as Yogi and a female practitioner is called Yogini. Meditation literally means transforming our mind and soul.  Practicing Meditation drains stresses, sorrows, anxieties, hatreds, fears, and Several confusion that beset the human condition. Nepal is a very holy land to practice the best  Yoga and meditation.

Practicing Yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing that improves a person’s mental well being. Practicing regular yoga practice or adopting the process of yoga and meditation as a regular routine supports to create calmness and mental clarity. Yoga and meditation increase awareness in the body. It also relaxes the movement of mind chronic stress patterns, increases the attention or focus of mind, and sharpens concentration. Practicing Yoga and meditation can add huge benefits to a person’s health. 

Yoga and meditation practice builds strength, harmony, and awareness in both mind and body. Most of the sessions if yoga includes breathing exercises, meditation and assuming postures something called Asana or Poses that stretch and make flexible of several muscles in our body. If you have very limited time, you can practice our Yoga courses inside Kathmandu. Annapurna Region, Everest region, Langtang Region, and several destinations around Kathmandu are very suitable places to practice unique Yoga and meditation observing the spectacular view of several snow-capped Himalayas in Nepal.

Great Nepal Treks & Expedition organizes very special Yoga and Meditation programs in Nepal as per your requirement. Yoga and Meditation in Nepal is fit for both the beginners and professionals. We have several professional gurus who teaches yogas and meditations following the traditional methods. If you are really wondering where to go and practice Yoga and Meditation in Nepal, we have the best yoga retreat centers in Nepal operating best practice of Yoga and Meditation in and out of Kathmandu.


Yoga & Meditation Packages in Nepal

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