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Wedding & Honeymoon in Nepal

Are you getting married and looking for a perfect destination to get married? Or are you married and looking for a destination for your Honeymoon? Do you want to find a unique destination for your special day, but are in a dilemma? Worry not because we have the best options for you in our Great Nepal Treks & Expedition Special package.

At GNTE we understand that your special day i.e. your wedding and the special time you spend with your significant other must be memorable and unique, a memory worthy of sharing with your grandchildren. With these special needs of yours in mind, our experts at GNTE have designed special packages, which are ideal for your wedding day and/or honeymoon. The options are unlimited as we cover almost every part of Nepal and the limitations are up to you.

If you want a unique location to get married at but are unsure and if you are already married, but are unsure about where you want to go for a honeymoon, we have the perfect options. Below are listed all of our packages which are ideal for every couple. Adventurous to simple, classy to extravagant, we have all the options for you to choose from.

You can either get married in the laps of the Himalayas, the infamous Everest Base Camp or beside the wonderful Phewa Lake in Pokhara, our packages include everything you ever dreamed of. Not only a wedding, but you can even spend your Honeymoon in these unique destinations. These are two of the many options we provide when it comes to wedding and honeymoon packages.

When we say many, we mean MANY, because our packages cover almost every part of Nepal and as Albert Einstein said, THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION. So, hurry up, pick a package perfect for you and your partner and make your special wedding and/or honeymoon memorable and unique in Nepal.

Did not find the perfect package for you or want to customize a package? Do not worry because our tailor-made experts are always available to discuss your needs and desires. They will easily customize a package as per your direction and make your day perfect.


Nepal Luxury Wedding Package
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Luxury Wedding Package in Nepal – 7 Days

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