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Volunteer Tour In Nepal – Nepal

Voluntourism In Nepal

Volunteer tourism in Nepal, is a trending method of traveling linked to do good. Volunteerism has become a very popular form of tourism in the past few years as the type of volunteering does not require any type of skills or experience whatsoever. Moreover, in recent years, many celebrities have been volunteering as a tourist in many countries which is making it even more popular among youngsters and those who aim to perform good deeds in a country or a group of people through volunteering. 

In Nepal, voluntourism gained massive popularity after the devastating earthquake which left the country shattered. Nonetheless, despite the fact that Nepal is slowly rising from the disaster, people are still willing to visit Nepal and help people, especially in the rural areas who are still suffering from the consequences because of government’s negligence and lack of proper services. 

Here at Great Nepal Treks & Expedition, we understand the need of voluntourism in Nepal and the fact that you and many other people like you are willing to give your time and energy in doing good. So, for people like you, we have come up with many voluntourism packages which feature different parts and different communities in Nepal. On the other hand, other than volunteering, we also want you to enjoy Nepal as one of the best travel destinations in the world. Keeping this in mind, our experts have designed unique packages which are ideal for both volunteering and traveling Nepal.

Our various packages will take you not only rural areas of Nepal but to communities like schools and organizations which you will find best to volunteer at. Likewise, you will also get to sightsee, trek, and perform other activities in Nepal to your content. Join us in this wonderful Voluntourism journey in Nepal by booking one of our packages listed below.

If you want something different and want to add or remove an activity or even design your own itinerary, you can easily contact our tailor-made experts and make plans as you please.