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Educational Tour In Nepal

Educational Tour in Nepal is one of the most popular trips in Nepal, specially designed for the students of schools, colleges, and universities. For students from all over the world, an educational trip in Nepal is the best way to explore and discover Nepal and its mesmerizing combination of nature, culture, tradition, exotic wildlife, adventure and much more. At GNTE, our experts designed packages especially for students, which will help them learn more about Nepal. GNTE’s Educational Trip packages include almost every trekking, touring and other activities and their main feature is that they are educational. According to the requirement of the trip, whether it focuses on the high Himalayas, the culture, and tradition of Nepal or the flora and fauna, we offer all kinds of packages for students.

This program supports all level of students to learn nature as well as culture of Nepal. They also learn how joint families still live together. They also learn Nepali culture, religion and enjoy the live livelihood of primitive age. They learn how to work in community. For example they can visit several Government schools and distribute several materials related to education or health to needy students. They also can support the communities by rebuilding schools and several other projects. Later they can enjoy tour and trekking around the remote area of Nepal. 

This program is designed to enhance the ability of students. They learn many things by doing practically. So, go ahead and pick an educational trip package which is ideal for you and your group. If you have any concerns about the time scheme, itinerary or any other detail related to a package, our experts are always available to make some changes or even design an entirely new package as per your needs and likings