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green boots everest

Mysterious Climber Corpse Became A Landmark | Green Boots Everest

When it comes to reaching the top of Mount Everest, a lot of people generally think about the views from the top of Mount Everest, or the pictures of Mount...
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Fact About Lost Climbers In Everest | Everest Rainbow Valley

When so many people attempt Everest Expedition every year, there’s bound to be some who succeed at reaching the summit, and at the same time, there must be some who...
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Exploring The Sacred Lake Of Langtang | Gosainkunda Trekking

Gosaikunda Trekking takes you to the wonderful Gosaikunda Lake complex. Altogether, there are 108 lakes in the complex, and the main one among them is called Gosaikunda. It is an...
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Daring And Thrilling Things To Do In Nepal That You Should Know

Because of the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, the year 2020 is the best time to travel Nepal, for individuals who’ve never spent their holiday in Nepal, and even for the...
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5 Reasons Why Manaslu Circuit Trekking Should Be In Your Bucket List

There was once a time when it was prohibited to enter the Manaslu Region. You could enter only if you had special passes. At that time, not many people knew...
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Most Challenging Pass Of The Himalayas | Manaslu Larke Pass Trekking

Manaslu Larke Pass trekking’s popularity is on the rise, and why not, it has everything that makes it a good trek. From natural beauty to cultural significance and a sense...
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Taking Pictures of Mount Everest Is Not an Easy Go | EBC Trek

Getting good pictures of Mount Everest is one of the primary purposes of going on the Everest Base Camp tour. Whatever the core reason may be, the fact cannot be...
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views from the top of mount Everest

How It Feels Like To Get The Views From The Top Of Mount Everest

Everyone has their own reasons for willing to reach the top of Mount Everest. Few attempt the climb for the sense of achievement, few do it for charity purpose, few...
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Different Routes to Climb Manaslu Mountain | Great Nepal Treks

The name Manaslu can be roughly translated to ‘the mountain with the spirit’. Without a doubt, it is a dream mountain for any professional climber to climb. The eighth highest...
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