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Places To Visit In Kathmandu
Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is also the oldest city of the country, and so, it consists of so many historical heritages. Tourists, especially the ones who enter the country through air, tend to start their journeys from here itself. This makes Kathmandu one of the most visited places in Nepal. Now, when...
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World Heritage Sites in Nepal
If there is one thing that you shouldn’t miss exploring during your visit to Nepal, it’s World Heritage Sites in Nepal. These World Heritage Sites in Nepal give you a great deal of information about the country, whether it be about their cultures, ancient art and architecture, history, and even about the natural attractions that...
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Boudhanath stupa Nepal
When you’re at Boudhanath Stupa Nepal, you feel nothing but peace. The cool wind blowing and making the prayer flag flow in a rhythm. There are hymns coming from every direction, but also, you feel a certain quietness. Kathmandu is a chaotic city, and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. It is amusing to realize...
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If you knew of a country called Nepal, but were waiting for the right time to visit, well, the upcoming year 2020 is the best time to visit Nepal. In the year 2020, Nepal Government and all the stake holders of the tourism industry in Nepal have launched a campaign called Visit Nepal 2020. The...
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Travel to Nepal
With so many world destinations to choose, why to choose Nepal and why to travel to Nepal?  I’ve been on the “world road” now for over three years, and when I first left the United States in July 2017, Nepal was not initially on my list.  For various reasons, I had been avoiding southern Asia...
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travelling to nepal
The USA citizen is a unique traveler.  I know; I’m one of them.  And because of time, money, and politics, our travel plans come with specific needs and expectations that may not be shared with other world travelers.  According to the US State Department, only 36 percent of Americans hold a valid passport, compared to 60...
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places to visit in nepal
A secular country, Nepal is home of people following 4 major religions. As the country’s national anthem suggests, Nepal as a garland made up of 100 different flowers, flowers representing different people of different religions and different ethnic groups. Everyone knows that Nepal is naturally diverse but Nepal is also culturally diverse and very rich...
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gai jatra
Gai Jatra is a Hindu festival mostly celebrated in Kathmandu valley on the first day (Pratipada) of the month of Bhadra (August-September) of the Lunar calendar. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the death of a dear one during the year. Members of the deceased family participate in a procession through the street of Kathmandu...
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ethical tourism
One of the biggest obstacles to tourism development in Nepal is the unethical practices of many people in the industry. Not only does this impact on the quality of service provided to tourists but it’s negative effects filter down to hurt the entire industry. With tourism being a primary source of income for the nation...
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bird watching arround kathmandu-valley-39
Are you really a nature lover? Are you really wondering to know about the rare Bird Watching in Nepal? If you say “YES” we have the best option for you. As we know that Nepal is popular in the world as the Best Tourism Destination. We have a much natural beauty which can motivate travelers to visit....
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