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Dolpo Region in Nepal

Trekking and exploring Dolpo Region in Nepal is a unique experience that make your adventure journey meaningful and memorable. This region covers about 15% of the total area of Nepal. It is segmented into two regions namely Upper Dolpo Region(inner) and Lower Dolpo Region (outer). Dolpo Region is considered as the highest inhabited land in Nepal. It is a hidden valley lying northwest from Dhaulagiri and Kali Gandaki. Shey-Phoksundo National Park (spreads over an area of 3555 is the country’s largest conservation area which was permitted to trekkers in 1990. This national Park is the home to exquisite snow leopards, grazing musk deer, thar, blue sheep, ghoral and several flora-fauna.
Dolpo Region, a truly isolated heaven of Nepal is opened for trekkers only from1989AD. You will be still exposed with almost untouched and unexplored nomadic life style. Most of the Tibetans follow the Tibetan Buddhist religion and few of them still follow the Bon religion too. It is believed that Padma Sambhava explored Buddhism in this region in the 8th century.
No doubt the trekkers who explore several trekking destinations in Dolpo Region are exposed with few high passes, sweeping vistas, rare flora-fauna, and Tibetan traditional culture. You need to encounter the elevation from from 1650 meters (5,412ft) to 5136 meters (16,846ft) above the sea level. The authorized department of Nepal Government issue only limited numbers of special permits to trek this region annually. Shey Gompa which is truly explored for the religion purpose stand in front of your eyesight with several crystal mountains and azure Phoksundo. This is the highest inhabited land on earth. This region is Nestled at the rain shadow by Mt. Kanjiroba and Mt. Dhaulagiri experiencing maximum less than 500 millimeters rainfall every year. This is the reason you get the best opportunity to explore Dolpo Region during monsoon while most part of Nepal experience heavy rainfall.
Phoksundo lake is surrounded by amazing jutting cliffs. This lake is full of crystal clear bluish fresh water. You will get a chance to touch and feel the warmth of water. The locals living around Dolpo Region who always prefer living a semi-nomadic lifestyle based on agriculture and animal husbandry store firewoods on the roof top reserved for the snowing season which is very amazing practice for the trekkers. Since Dolpo is one of the few places in the world not polluted by the color of globalization, modernity and development, it is very unique and trending destination for those trekkers who are very interested to explore the real heaven on the earth within their lifetime.
After entering into the Dolpo Region you will receive very warm native hospitality with smiling welcome from the native people. You will also be exposed with several unique traditions, cultures within the Tibetan communities.
Popular film director Eric Valli featured his breathe taking movie “Caravan” in this region. The trek starts from Juphal, the only adventurous airport in Dolpo. Camping in the lap of Phoksundo lake, lying on the peaceful ground and observing the beauty of stars and moon wriggling around the water of lake make your life memorable. The plane takes one hour from Nepaljung to Juphal airport and drive to Dunai (2140-meter) via a jeep. Mules and yaks are the main means of transportation to carry food and other required materials far from Dunai since the road is very rugged and stony. You can see many local women working in weaving looms preparing their own authentic dresses.
Trekking to the Dolpo region not only provides you the glimpses of nomadic lifestyle in 21st century but also make your pass off the beaten path which are yet to be explored by several adventure lovers.

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