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Jungle Safari in Nepal

It is widely known that Nepal, despite being a small landlocked country is very diverse both in nature and culture. It is home to 3% of the plant species, 4% of mammal species, 4% of butterfly species, and 9% of bird species of the world. It is also home to some of the most unique creatures in the world like Spiny Babblers, One-horned Rhinos, Royal Benga Tiger, and much more.

All these variables in flora and fauna and the exotic creatures themselves make the jungles of Nepal majestic and amazing. As of now, Jungle Safari is one of the most popular activities to do in Nepal. With many of the 19% landmasses of the country which has been separated as National Parks and Protected Areas open for travelers to visit, it was bound to get such popularity. So, with the aim to offer the best Jungle Safari experience in Nepal. We have compiled an array of unique and special packages revolving around it.

From Chitwan National Park to Bardi National Park, we offer a wide range of Jungle Safari options. So, hurry up and pick a package from our list down below and enjoy the wilderness of Nepal in its rawest and most authentic form.

Likewise, all our packages are customizable and you can also consult our experts to create your own package which is perfect for your needs and desires.

Is there any popular site for Jungle Safari?

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park situated in the south-central of Nepal which covers an area of 932 sq. km in the subtropical lowland of the inner Terai which shares its boundary with the Parsa Wildlife Reserve. It is the focal point for the one who loves nature. The jungle is also the home of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger, the Indian one-horn rhino, sloth bear, langur monkeys, wild boar, leopards, jungle cats, various types of deer and over 400 species of colorful birds.

There is diversity in the ecosystem including the Churia hills, Oxbow lakes, and the rivers like Rapti, Reu, and Narayani. The Churia Hills elevate from 150m towards the east and the western part is more rugged with the Someshwor hill. The park is famous for Elephant safari, Jeep safari, Bird watching and canoeing in Rapti River. The one staying overnight at Chitwan loves the Cultural performance shown in the evening time dancing in their cultural dresses along with the fire. 

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park located in the Terai region is Nepal’s largest national park and wilderness, occupying an area of 968 km2. The area has a diversity of Sal forest, grassland, and savannah and reverie forest. It is bordered by the Karnali River in the west and is bisected by the Babai River in the Bardiya district. The park is a site for spotting endangered wildlife which is home to 50 species of mammal, 400 species of birds including endangered species and 125 species of fish.

It is most famous for the Bengal tiger ‘The King of Bardia’ and the rare Gangetic river dolphins spotted along the Geruwa River, the eastern channel of the Karnali River. The best time to visit Bardia National Park is from mid-September till mid-December and the start of February till the end of May as the temperature ranges between 25 to 37 degrees and a chance to spot the animals.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu touches Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur District of eastern Nepal covering 175 km2 which are 10km wide and 10km long stretching towards Nepal/India border along the Sapta Koshi River. The wildlife reserve was established in 1976, especially for the preservation of the habitat of wild buffalo in Nepal.

It is the pinpoint for bird watching where the enthusiast will be given a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes for better sight. High walls of 7-10 m are constructed parallel to the river in order to prevent destructive flood during monsoon season. Among 68% of grassland coverage, only 6% is covered by forest. Koshi Tappu is home to 200 species of fish, 31 species of mammals, and 485 species of birds.


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