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Home Stay and Village Tourism

Home Stay & Village Tourism is a new concept in Nepal which is taking the tourism industry by storm. Home Stay means that a tourist will be staying at a local’s home instead of a lounge, hotel or a tea house. As of now, homestay is gaining popularity in remote pockets of Nepal where accommodations are not easily available. While homestay might only seem like a means for tourists to stay under a proper roof, safe from the wilderness, it actually is an amazing scheme profitable for both the parties. In the context of the locals, homestay treks have become a boon for the local economy. Families directly benefit from hosting visitors at reasonable fees.

On the other hand, tourists do not only get to stay overnight in a warm comfortable environment but they also get close to the locals and their daily lives. Homestay trek offers individuals a realistic side of the culture and lifestyles of the locals. Traveling to Nepal is a wonderful journey on its own and the additional homestay trek makes it even better. The happy locals who welcome you with warmth and comfort into their homes will not only offer you an experience of a unique and stunning side of Nepal. But you will also feel like home and comfortable because of their warm hospitality. Who knows? You might even go back to your country with the memories of your second family in Nepal who are not related by blood but by bonds.

At Great Nepal Treks & Expedition, we are a huge fan of Home Stay Trek, and we see the positive relationship it creates between the locals and the tourists. So, with an aim to make Home Stay Trek in Nepal even more prominent, we have designed a handful of packages featuring different locations, different adventures, and different aspects but focusing on homestay. Make sure to take a look at all the packages listed down below and book the one which is perfect for you.

Did not find a package suitable for you? Do not worry because, at GNTE, we specialize in tailor-made programs. Contact our experts and prepare a package as per your needs and desire.


Nepal Fishing Tour

Nepal Fishing Tour

7 Days
Sirubari Village Homestay
Price On Request

Sirubari Village Homestay – 8 Days

8 Days
Chitlang Homestay
Price Starts From On Request

Chitlang Homestay – 6 Days

6 Days
Ghale Gaun HomeStay Tour
Price Starts From On Request

Ghale Gaun HomeStay Tour – 9 Days

9 Days