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Travelling To The Birthplace Of Lord Budddha | Lumbini Tour

lumbini tour

Lumbini Tour is an activity that you shouldn’t miss out by any means during your visit to Nepal. The journey allows you to explore Lumbini, which is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Nepal. Lumbini is a place that is situated in the western part of Nepal, in the plain belt. The reason why it is so popular is because it is known as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is the holiest pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world. And so many people from around the world make sure to visit this place every year.

Gautam Buddha, also known as Lord Buddha, has a deep legacy. Despite the fact that he was born in a royal family, he wanted to know the meaning of life, and find out ways to get rid of human problems. He left his family, and left in the search of truth. After years of meditation, it is said that he attained salvation. He then worked throughout his life to teach other people the ways to get rid of their problems. As per his views, the only way to achieve greatness was through salvation. It is Lumbini where the journey of Buddha started. This is where he was born.

lord buddha

During your Lumbini tour, you will come across so many cultural heritages, and visiting them and studying them will help you gain a deep insight into the life of Gautam Buddha and Buddhism. One of the major aspects of Gautam Buddha’s teachings was peace. It is for the same reason that wherever there is a heritage that is associated with Buddha, whenever you visit them, you feel utmost peace of mind. It almost feels as if the energy of Lord Buddha blesses all these places. It is an amazing experience to visit numerous heritages in Lumbini.

Lumbini Tour

During you Lumbini Tour, one of the most popular attractions that you’d come across is Mayadevi Temple. The temple is said to be built on the spot where Gautam Buddha was born. Right in front of it is the holy pond. It is said that after Mayadevi, the mother of Gautham Buddha, right after giving birth to him, took a bath in the pool. And finally, you have the Ashokan  Pillar. It was erected by King Ashoka during his visit to Lumbini, to mark the birthplace of Lord Buddha. King Ashoka is one of the significant kings of the Maurya empire that ruled over India thousands of years ago. During your Lumbini tour these are the most important spots that you’ll get to visit. It is because of attractions as such and many more that Lumbini has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. There are certain other places of attractions here in Lumbini.

lumbini palace

When you go around Lumbini, you will come across numerous heritages built by religious organizations and countries to mark the birthplace of Buddha. These heritage sites include monasteries, pagodas, gompas – mainly structures of religious importance. Few examples are Myanmar Golden Palace, World Peace Pagoda, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar, China Temple, and so on. If you’d like to know about the life of Gautam Buddha or Buddhism overall, you could visit these temples and monasteries, as they are homes to monks and gurus. You could also visit the Lumbini Museum to get to know about these things.

There are so many Lumbini tour package and Lumbini tour itinerary to choose from if you want to go for Lumbini tour. These Lumbini tour package and Lumbini tour itinerary either feature Lumbini only, or they include other destinations as well. It is entirely up to you which one you’d like to go for. As per the nature of the trip, Lumbini tour cost varies. The lengthier the tour duration, and the more the number of destinations covered, the higher the Lumbini Tour Cost. With all the things to do and see, Lumbini Tour can turn out to be an exciting holiday alternative.

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Chitwan to Lumbini Tour

When you go on a Chitwan to Lumbini tour, you don’t just get to experience the best of Lumbini, but also that of Chitwan. Now, Chitwan is a district that is situated in the central part of Nepal. It is known mainly for Chitwan National Park, which is one of the most visited national parks in Nepal. It offers so many options to the tourists, when it comes to things to do. Without a doubt, the primary thing to do is go on Chitwan National Park Safari. Now, there are so many ways to do that. You can explore the park on an elephant, by riding a jeep, on a canoe, or by hiking.

When you choose mediums such as elephant or jeep ride, you tend to explore the creatures on land more, however, when you choose canoe ride, you tend to come across amphibians and water based creatures. Hiking is a tough thing to do, also, not everyone is allowed to go for a hike. You need to take special permission as the wildlife there can prove to be dangerous for the hiker. There are so many rare and endangered species of animals in the national park, but the two of the most prominent ones among them are Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhinoceros.

jungle safari in chitwan

Apart from going on jungle safari, you can make a visit to the elephant breeding farm, where you will be able to witness these giants in the different stages of their lives. You could also go for elephant bath, where you assist the mahouts in giving a bath to the elephants, and in return, you get showered by the elephants. People get mixed feelings when gallons of water is thrown on them by the elephants with the help of their trunks. Mostly, they feel excited. You could also visit one of the museums in Chitwan that offer you information about local culture in Chitwan.

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The locals who populate the region are called Tharus. They have been living here for centuries. They have their own language, cultures and traditions, food, lifestyle, attire, and so on. You can find out about all this by visiting these museums. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for the cultural shows. The resorts and hotels here tend to offer complimentary cultural shows including songs and dances to their guests. These shows feature the Tharus, and the performances that they present are their traditional forms of art. You will adore these people, and that is certain.

It depends entirely on you whether you’d like to stick to Lumbini during your vacation, or include other places and activities in the journey. So, you could go for Lumbini Tour, Chitwan to Lumbini tour, or any other alternative. Whatever option you go for, if there is one thing that’s guaranteed it’s the fact that you’re going to love this place overall. Not just the cultural heritages, but the people, the food, the markets, and the numerous other things to see in Lumbini. It is often considered by tourists that your journey to Nepal is incomplete without going for Lumbini tour.

monastery in lumbini

Lumbini Tour isn’t just a medium for you to explore the various Buddhist heritage sites and other places of attraction. It can prove to be a life changing experience. You could talk to the monks and get to know further about the religion, their way of life, and so many more. You’re bound to get attracted to all these. And once you start feeling that connection between you and the aura around these places, you’d never feel like leaving, so peaceful and ecstatic. Make sure to go for Lumbini Tour during your next visit to Nepal. You’re going to absolutely love the experience.

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