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7 Hiking Trails In The Picturesque Outskirts of Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu hiking trails

Kathmandu Valley is home to some of the most exciting hiking trails. Hiking in Nepal is the ideal way to explore the hills of Nepal, but when you go for hiking in Kathmandu, you take the activity to the next level. One of the best things about Nepal hiking is the fact that you can be done with it in no time. So, no matter your purpose of Nepal visit, you can definitely squeeze in a few Kathmandu hiking trips to your itinerary. Hiking around Kathmandu allows you to explore major natural and cultural attractions around Kathmandu. It’s one of the best things to do in Nepal.

1. Chisapani HikeChisapani hiking trails

Starting Point: Sundarijal

Ending Point: Chisapani

Altitude: 2,215m

Hike Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Chisapani Hike package covers one of the most interesting hiking trails in Kathmandu. The journey starts and ends at Sundarijal, which is a naturally gifted place. It is one of those locations that is preferred mostly for picnic activities and day outs. Needless to say, you’ll be making your way up to Chisapani, which is yet another naturally attractive place. The trip takes you through thick forests, and if you happen to be lucky enough, you might even get to spot rare and endangered wildlife. During the hike, you’ll reach spots that are possible mostly for activities such as rock climbing and canyoning. Altogether, Chisapani Hike is a 2 days long journey. On the first day you go from Sundarijal to Chisapani, and on the second day, you follow the same route back. On the second day, before heading back, trekkers make sure to enjoy amazing sunrise views. Chisapani is situated at an elevation of 2215m. You also get to explore waterfalls and springs.

2. Champadevi HikeChampadevi hiking trails

Starting point: Pharping

Ending point: Pharping

Duration: 6 – 7 hours

Altitude: 2249 m/7380 ft

Champadevi Hike is among the exciting hiking trails around Kathmandu Valley, as it takes you to the top of magnificent Champadevi. It is a hill that is rich not just when it comes to natural spectacles, but also religion and culture. The hill is considered holy, and the region is religiously significant not just for the Hindus, but also for the Buddhists. Altogether, the journey lasts for a duration of 6 to 7 hours. The Champadevi Hike package starts from Pharping, which is a beautiful village overall. The village is only a couple of hours away from Dakshinkali temple, which is one of the major religious heritages of Nepal. From Pharping, you make your way towards Hattiban, which happens to be the end of the journey. During the tour, you will get to enjoy magnificent views of peaks such as Jugal Himal, Langtang, Gauri Shanker, Dorge Lakpa, and so on. All of them belong to the Langtang Mountain Range. You also come across numerous flora and fauna.

3. Phulchowki Hike

Phulchowki hiking trails

Starting point: Kathmandu

Ending point: Godawari

Duration: Minimum 3.5 hours

Altitude: 2782 m/9130 ft

Phulchowki Hike is one of those hiking trails that everyone gets excited about especially when there is rain, or during winters. It is one of the closest places to Kathmandu Valley that receives snowfall. However, it’s mostly random, and so, the season is not certain. Phulchowki is actually a hill with a height of 2782 m. The Phulchowki Hike journey starts and ends at Godawari. Altogether, it lasts for a duration of a couple of hours, and during this time, the hikers cover a distance of 20 to 25 km. Before you head towards Phulchowki from Godavari, you tend to spend a considerable amount of time in Godavari Botanical Garden, which is one of the major attractions of the hike. The garden is known for the variety of species of birds and insects, and mainly butterflies that consider the garden their home. It is also an amazing picnic spot and an ideal getaway spot.

4. Namobuddha Hiking

Namobuddha hiking trails

Starting point: Panauti

Ending point: Namobuddha

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Height: 1750 m

Namobuddha Hiking is yet another exciting activity to be a part of, especially if you love nature and religion. It covers one of the most amazing hiking trails that starts from the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. Namobuddha Hiking is a journey that lasts for a duration of 6 to 7 hours, and during this time you get to explore Namobuddha Monastery, which happens to be the main attraction of the hike. It is a Buddhist school, and it also serves as a gompa that welcomes worshippers and tourists all around the year. Namobuddha Monastery is situated around 45 km away from Kathmandu City, on the top of a hill, at the height of 1750 m. The journey starts from Panauti which is a beautiful village, and it comes to an end at Namobuddha. Needles to say that the hike allows you to explore amazing fauna, and lets you enjoy outstanding views of the hills.

5. Nagarjun Hiking

Nagarjun hiking trails

Starting point: Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park

Ending point: Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude: 2095 m

Nagarjun Hiking takes you on one of the naturally pleasing hiking trails. The journey allows you to explore Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park, which is one of the richest protected areas of Nepal. The hike starts and ends at the entrance gate of Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park.

Since, Nagarjun Hiking trails is a one day hike, it lasts only for a duration of 6 to 7 hours. There is also a religious curve to the journey, as you get to explore a couple of temples and gompas during the hike. One of the most significant ones among them is Jamacha Gompa. There are also natural spectacles in the area like Nagarjuna and Mahasiddha Cave. The national park is famous for flora such as pine, oak and rhododendron trees, and fauna such as Himalayan Black Bear, Leopards, Jungle Cats, Rhesus Monkeys, Wild Boars, Deer, and so on. Provided that you’re lucky, you might get to spot these animals at a distance. It’s a beautiful hike overall.

6. Chitlang Hiking

Chitlang hiking trails

Starting point: Chandragiri Cable Car station

Ending point: Kulekhani Hydropower dam

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Altitude: 2,300m.

Chitlang is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in Nepal, and a perfect getaway spot for people living in the valley. Chitlang Hiking is one of the many hiking trails that you should definitely try during your stay in Nepal. The journey starts from Chandragiri Cable Car station, from where you take a 15 min long cable car ride to the top of Chandragiri. The hike ends at around the Kulekhani Hydropower dam. One of the main attractions of the journey is Indra Sarovar lake, where you can go for many water based activities. The main attraction however is the village of Chitlang. Here, you will explore the rural Nepali lifestyle. Also, you get to take a tour of the local cheese factory. They prepare amazing goat cheese and other milk products.

7. Nagarkot Hiking

Nagarkot Hiking

Starting point: Sankhu

Ending point: Nagarkot

Duration: 6 – 7 hours

Altitude: 2175 m/7135 ft

Nagarkot Hiking covers one of the most scenic hiking trails, and takes you to the interesting town of Nagarkot. When it comes to getting away during the weekend, it is the number one spot for the people living in and around Kathmandu city. The place is beautiful with so many resorts that offer you amazing services. They are situated in the heart of nature, and so, you will be able to enjoy amazing views on a clear day. There is a viewpoint at Nagarkot that allows you to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The journey starts from Sankhu, which is yet another beautiful village, and it ends at Nagarkot. It is a one day long journey, lasting only for 6 to 7 hours, however, quite like many tourists, you can spend the night in one of these resorts and enjoy a full Nagarkot experience. It is a hike that you should definitely go for in Nepal.

One of the best things about choosing hiking trails around Kathmandu during Nepal hiking is that they are so convenient. The tourists who come to Nepal on a flight generally tend to spend the maximum amount of their time in Kathmandu. Hiking in Kathmandu, therefore, makes more sense. You can experience hiking in Nepal in other parts of the country, but Kathmandu hiking is most fun. You can go hiking around Kathmandu, without having to travel long distances before the activity. If you’re looking for a fun filled activity during your stay in Nepal, go for hiking.

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