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What is The Best Time For Everest Base Camp Trek ?

best time for Everest base camp trek

“Life’s a bit like mountaineering- never look down” because It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves!

Well, Are you an adventure freak, a trek loving person? Are you dreaming of white ice mountain, snow and frozen temperature? In that case all you dream is- Everest!

Every height loving, trek crazy and adventurous person has to be in the beauty of Everest. You know they say- “once in your lifetime you must go for the Everest Base Camp Trek”.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in office or mowing your lawn, So climb that Damn Mountain.

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Best Time For Everest Base Camp Trek

When you plan for any trip, the first question is When… And if it’s  Everest Base Camp Trek you definitely need to see the calendar. The dropping degrees, untimely snowfall and  height with white ice makes everyone think and decide about the best time for Everest Base Camp trek and experience the Everest beauty.

Well ideally you can have two routes for Everest Base Camp Trek – one is through Nepal and other one is Tibet.

According to the weather calendar, you can plan your Everest trek in two phases:-


The best time to go to Everest Base Camp for pre-monsoon months consists of February, March, April and May. You can trek to Everest Base Camp trek in January and February but it can be very cold up there (-20C/-4F to -30C/-22F) and there can be snow dump on the trail at any time of year. If you are planning to trek to Everest Base Camp in these months, you are definitely going to need more time because of weather delays. In these winter months the weather conditions can be more challenging.

On a whole, spring months are the most popular in these region. You might be a victim of occasional snow showers if you catch the end of winter season. But the weather will be mostly stable and dry which is perfect for trekking and high altitude climbing. The ideal weather comes at a price as the routes will be the busiest during this time. Most Everest Summits happen during this time so will come across many climbers, summiteers and crew members. The region is also very vibrant and soothing during these months.

Well you can say that April and May are the best pre-monsoon months for Everest Base Camp Trek as per the weather calendar but then again you can never trust the weather of Everest beauty. Sometimes May also experiences heavy snowfall causing road jams. So you can count on April to be the best pre-monsoon month in the Everest calendar. Best time for Everest Base Camp Trek for pre monsoon is April and first half of May.


The Best time for Everest Base Camp Trek for post monsoon calendar consists of late September, October, November and December. Traditionally you will find late September, October and November will provide better views of the mountains, less heat haze, cloud and clearer views of these world class mountains.  This is not always the case but the trend usually follows this pattern. The Everest base camp trek weather can be crisp, but clear as you make your way up to the Everest Base Camp. There is always the risk of rain at lower elevations and snow higher up on the trail. Be prepared for all weather conditions and have the right gear.

Clear days are characteristic of October-November for best time for Everest Base Camp Trek  period. Although colder days and colder nights are to be expected, this is a small price to pay for the wonderful experience and perfect views of the region’s peaks. The odd snowstorm has been known to hit the region during this time so be sure to pack correctly!

An added bonus of trekking during this time is the option to choose some other, less well-known routes in the area that still offer amazing views but without the hustle and bustle of the more popular routes.



The region during this period can  be described as being very cold but still able to be trekked. The days will be shorter and there is a lot more snow, thus routes that involve crossing big passes are usually closed.

The weather will be fairly stable and dry, so it is entirely possible to trek the classic route to Everest Base Camp in these months. Expect temperatures as cold as -30°C at night higher up the route, so be sure to bring the correct gear. If the cold doesn’t bother you and you want to avoid the crowds, trekking at this time may be just right for you. You can even consider a Christmas Everest Base Camp Trek as a festive alternative to the more typical Christmas activities.


Rain, Rain Everywhere! The monsoon season is in full swing during this time of year as the warm, moisture laden water from the Indian Ocean causes rapid downpours. The routes tend to be very empty with only high-altitude die-hards braving the rains. Slippery trails, leeches and the lack of mountain views seems to be sufficient in off-putting most trekkers from visiting.  But there are a few areas, called rain-shadows, that provide good trekking conditions even during the monsoon months. So monsoon is not the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Stay away from the monsoon months of June through August. The trail conditions are not the safest, the trek will be wet and unenjoyable and you won’t even be able to get any great pictures of the beautiful mountain peaks. Aim to trek in the peak months of February through May and September through October as you are guaranteed stable and mild weather. The classic route will be busy .

If you really want to avoid the crowds and are prepared to invest in some proper cold-weather gear, trekking during the winter months may be for you. Keep in mind that many tour operators will not offer guided tours during the off-peak months and that many of the usual routes will be closed. So check before start planning your best time for Everest Base Camp Trek!

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