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Women and Children Support Program

Women and Children Support Program

At Great Nepal Treks & Expedition, we highly believe in giving to the community, especially those who are underprivileged and are in need. Ever since our company was founded, we have been a supporter and a huge part of Inclusive Women Development Forum Nepal (IWDFN), a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a motto of empowering women. Our founder Surya Bahadur Ghimire is a member of the non-profited organization while our counselor Reeta Kumari Rai serves as a Chairperson of the organization.

We have very strong bonds with the organization and throughout the years, we have supported the beliefs they carry. The organization mostly focuses on helping poor women and children who are in need. For children, we have provided educational materials and even education facilities. Helping children is only a small part of what we and the organization have to offer. The main focus of the organization is to empower women as the majority of Nepal’s population are women. With IWDFN, we have helped women become independent by teaching them skills which will help them make a living.

We organize numerous workshops, training programs, and social awareness programs which focus on deep-rooted social issues and problems. With the help of these programs, we aim to make uneducated women who are going through hardships self-sufficient.

From promoting handmade products in Nepal to awareness campaigns on climate change and environmental problems, we want women in society to head forward and become and responsible and independent citizens of Nepal. With an affiliation with the organization, we aim to empower women and make society a better place in general.

Throughout the years, we have organized numerous campaigns to make Nepal a better place, and we have listed some of them below.

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs
  • School Health Programs
  • Child Rights and Rehabilitation Programs (for dropouts)
  • Women Emancipation and Empowerment Programs
  • Evening tuition classes of adolescent girls
  • Old Age People Welfare Programs
  • Vocational training for women, youth, and adolescents
  • Campaigns on climate change, conservation of biodiversity and environment
  • Tree Plantation Programs
  • Knitting Program for Women