Government Regd. No. 116812/070/071 | Tourism License No. 1650/070
Government Regd. No. 116812/070/071 | Tourism License No. 1650/070

Scholarship And Health Programs For Children

Scholarship and Health Programs for Children

Great Nepal Treks & Expedition is one of the top travel and trekking agencies in Nepal, having served hundred thousand customers from all over the world. We aim to make everyone’s holiday or their trip to Nepal great. and we can proudly say that we have successfully done it throughout the years.

In our opinion, our high success rate of offering a magical trip in Nepal is because of our staffs, especially our guides and porters. While others work from the office, guides and porters stay away from their family for weeks and even months, making sure that our clients get the best services and experience. They work very hard, putting the client’s needs and health before theirs and even risking their lives in some cases.

We are very grateful that they do so much for our company and we are aware that they have a big hand in making Great Nepal Treks & Expedition one of the top trekking and travel agencies in Nepal. They are our family and their children are like our children. So, to show our gratitude towards these legends, we have numerous scholarship and health program for our children. Great Nepal Treks & Expedition is closely affiliated with Babylon National Higher Secondary School, which is nothing less than a boon.

The majority of our porters and guides are from rural areas of Nepal and the children are often derived from proper education and health services. Meanwhile, because of this close tie with the Babylon National Higher Secondary School, we have been able to provide them with proper education facilities.

We started this program a few years ago and in just a couple of years, we have been able to offer scholarships to over 20 students. While we have emphasized that we provide scholarships to children of our porters and guides, almost half of the scholarships provided are to the children of people living in the rural areas who are not affiliated with us.

On the other hand, our children also get proper health facilities through this program, including regular health checkups and facilities. AT GNTE we believe that children are our future and education can help them become successful and lead the country towards the right path. And when we look at our children getting proper education and competing to become the best, we feel very proud and are more than pleased to have started this program.

In the near future, we aim to increase the numbers and lead basic needs deprived children towards a bright and successful future through proper education and health facilities.