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Guide and Porter Policy

guide and porter policy

At Great Nepal Treks & Expedition, we cannot emphasize enough on how important guides and porters are for us. They are the driving force of our team, helping us with their dedication and bravery to make us one of the top trekking and traveling agencies in Nepal.

We often like to call them ‘Legends of the Himalayas,’ and we have an abundant amount of respect for them. So, we desire nothing but their well-being and satisfaction. Guides and porters trek and climb for weeks, even months away from their family, the warmth if their home, taking care of their clients, fulfilling their each and every need and even risking their lives in some cases. This dedication of theirs makes us believe that they deserve the best and at GNTE we aim to do so. Our company features a very strict Guide and Porter Policy which helps us not only offer the best guides and porters to our clients but also offer the best facilities to our employees.

First and foremost, we only hire local guides and porters which is very important for us. We believe in improving the economy of the country and employing local guides and porters is the best way. Likewise, before they go out and start their journey as a guide or porter, we make sure they get proper training, legal documents and license required for the respective jobs.

On the other hand, we also provide the necessary equipment for their tasks. For easy and short treks, normal things like water and food are provided, but when it comes to adventurous locations which require them trekking with clients for days even months, the list of the items are very long. From food and water to warm clothes and proper shoes to sleeping bags and first aid kids, we provide all of the items which are necessary for their job. Our porters also carry limited weight depending upon the type of package and the luggage are always weight before a journey starts. With the increase in altitude and toughness of the journey, their carrying weight decreases drastically.

Meanwhile, we also pay them well, according to the standards, and they also receive lucrative bonuses and other perks from the company every now and then.

Take a look at our Scholarship Scheme for children of our guides and porters.

GNTE is a leading trekking and traveling agency in Nepal, and we work as per the rules and regulations to make tourism in Nepal corruption free and enjoyable for all the parties involved. And the satisfaction, safety, and sanity of our guides and porters are one of the major parts of it. We make sure that all the things we provide to our employees are as per standard. But sometimes there are some things which are out of our hands and is up to you.

You may ask, but what can I do?

Well, first and foremost, you need to be very open-minded and realize that no job is small or big. Be respectful to our guides and porters as they serve you before themselves and even risking their lives for you in some cases. So, act nice, be kind and treat them like family.

Secondly, make sure to tip them. While tipping in Nepal is not compulsory, it is often expected by your staffs. So, tipping is always a good way to show that you are happy and grateful for their services.

On the other hand, giving is also a good gesture. If you have any accessories and equipment like trekking shoes, jackets, backpack, etc., which you may not use in the future, pass it down. It is always a good thing to donate instead of throwing them into the trash. It is not only good for the environment, but you will certainly help someone with your effort.