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Adventure Tour in Nepal || Adventurous Activities in Nepal

paragliding in nepal

Nepal is the home of adventure tourists and is rich in adventurous activities. Nepal is popular for outdoor activities as it is a landlocked country, which has the following meaning: 

N- New, E-Experience, P-for-pleasure, A-and Relaxation, L- in Landlocked Country

As we know, adventure tourism in Nepal began with an early attempt to scale the world’s highest peaks. Since then, Nepal is home to most of the world’s highest peaks, and adventure activities have become more and more fascinated with the country. People from various countries visit Nepal for the purpose of adventurous activities. The country provided countless opportunities for adventurous activities and sports. Apart from the usual trekking and mountaineering activities, an entire range of other possibilities has flourished in recent years. The adventurous activities usually take place in varied landscapes and topographic regions. 

Trekking in Nepal, Mountaineering in Nepal and rafting in Nepal with white water from Himalayas are the popular adventure activities  in Nepal as these activities helps us to explore the rural areas, helps to know about the lifestyle of rural people where Paragliding in Nepal, Mountain Flight in Nepal, hot air ballooning in Nepal, Ultra-Light Flight in Nepal are other aerial adventure activities in Nepal. The land-based activities include Jungle Safari, Mountain biking etc. With the motto of “You dream, we fulfill” we, the Great Nepal Treks & Expeditions have been actively involved in fulfilling their desire escorted by our experts.

From the aerial adventurous activities, you can have a bird-eye view of Fewa Lake, dense forest, human settlements, and Annapurna Range.  Jungle safari helps us to experience the greenery surroundings with natural sounds; the mind relaxes, and one finds peace in the Jungle area. Mountain biking bids in Nepal an environment-friendly way of discovering this magnificent country, its landscapes, its living customs, and its people. Other popular adventurous activities are cannoning and wall climbing, as cannoning offers the freedom to explore some of the most beautiful, amazing, but forbidden places in Nepal, and wall climbing offers thrilling excitement. Another popular adventurous activity is bungee jumping, which is becoming a major adventurous attraction in Nepal as it gives the most magnificent view in the world and is a thrilling and exciting activity. The emerging adventurous activities are para-hawking, rock climbing, and cannoning.

In ancient times, people used to visit Nepal for the purpose of mountaineering and trekking only, but now people visit for relaxation and pleasure, due to which adventurous activities are becoming popular in Nepal.  Nowadays, adventurous activities are not only popular among international tourists, but they are also becoming popular among domestic tourists. As there is the brand name of the Nepal tourism board “Naturally Nepal, Once is not Enough,” which means Nepal is not artificial, it is natural, and by visiting once, we cannot explore all of Nepal. To know about the whole of Nepal, it must be visited more and more.

Adventure activities are operated around the landscape areas in Nepal. People nowadays seek comfort and relaxation, which is why they are increasingly engaging in adventurous activities. Hence, the largest growth in adventurous tourism in Nepal helps increase the revenue and per capita income of the Country. 

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