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10 Facts About Namche Bazar You Should Know Before Visiting


Namche Bazaar (3,440m/11,285ft) is a traveler core and the most popular acclimatization stop in the Khumbu region. It is the gateway to the Everest Base Camp. If have thought to trek on Everest Base Camp then you must have to know about Namche Bazzar. Thamserkhu (6680m) and KongdeRi (6187m) are the bustling town of Namche. Here I discuss about ten popular facts about Namche which you should have known before going there:

a) Saturday Market

In fact, Namche Bazaar tenders the cheapest alternative for purchasing any equipment for visitors (Trekking or Climbing). On every Saturday morning the market proffer variety of Trekking and Climbing equipments. Soap, Vegetables, Cooking oil, and others production which are produced in Namche region are sold by the local people and Tibetan people on every Saturday.

b) Above altitude sickness

In Climbing/Trekking acclimatization is very necessary.  Situated at high altitude, Namche Bazaar gives out an acclimatization stop point for all Climbers. You need to spend 2 days at Namche for acclimatization during Everest Base Campo trek because it helps to avoid altitude sickness. You can visit Khumjung settlement and Hillary school on acclimatization days. 

c) Khumbilia Mountain     

Sacred Mountain Khumbilia is one main fact about Namche. Due its unique association no one is permitted to climb Khumbilia Mountain.      

d) Sagarmatha National Park Visitor’s Centre

Sagarmatha National Park Visitor’s Center is located at the top of Tengboche village. This centre has some extra unexpected pictures of the wildlife of the area and offers momentous information about them.

e) Fascinating Sherpa Museum

Fascinating Sherpa Museum is situated at top of Namche Bazaar. It is rich in information about different expeditions of Sherpas and their life cycle and artifacts. You can observe ‘Hall of Fame” gallery of Sherpas who submitted Everest, as well as photos of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay who are first climbers complete to reach on the top of Mount Everest.  

f) Honorary Visit

On 1985 October, the President of USA, Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn visited Namche Bazaar on his own personal Helicopter and spent 5 days on Namche Bazaar.

g) Other Major Attractions

Health Posts, Library of Namche, Namche Monastery and Tibetan Buddhism Community are some major attraction of Namche.  Similary, the local handicraft, the stone street attracts many visitors towards it. 

h) Mendafu view point

Mendafu is popular view points from where you can offers an astonishing view of Mount Everest and others peaks too. You can spend hours gazing at the cloud formed around the mountains and the scenery it present.

i) Weather and environment

In winter season the weather are cold and dry, as summers are warm at Namche Bazaar. On July the temperature are around 11.7°C and in winter (January) the temperature are around average of 0.8°C.

j) Administrative Centre

Namche Bazaar is the administrative centre and historical capital of the Khumbu region. We can see the Nepal Police check post, Banks, shops and army barracks at Namche. As well, Namche is the centre point for extending to learn about vegetation and lifestyle of the region.

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