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What is Tailor Made

At Great Nepal Treks and Expedition, we offer a huge range of packages which our team has specially designed to suit every individual’s needs and interests.
However, we understand that despite our attempt to make a very inclusive package, everyone will have likes and dislikes which they would like to add or removed from the itinerary. They want their dream holiday to be perfect and want every little detail to add up. So, keeping these things in mind and with an aim to make sure that your dream trip is perfect, we also offer tailor-made programs. With this tailor-made option, you can control every little detail about your dream trip.

At GNTE we have a team of experts who specialize in tailor-made programs, and they are just a click away. The experts who are always at your service will give you options and better recommendations to make you dream trip as you wish. Under your guidance and instructions, the experts will create a special package for you. It can be a single destination trip or even multiple. You can choose accommodations and transportation according to your budget and even choose the time-span of the trip to fit your busy schedule. Meanwhile, we offer a huge range of adventures and trips not only in Nepal but in India, Bhutan, and Tibet too. With this tailor-made option, you can have the best holiday which will be hassle-free as the itineraries will be made per your budget, time schedule, preferences, and desires. At GNTE, we believe that adventures and holidays should come in all shapes and sizes. So, to make this belief of ours come true, we offer this tailor-made option which is created by our experts and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

So, come join us and create a tailor-made trip which will be ideal for you, your friends, family, and everyone.
Contact our experts, email us at [email protected] or call us at +977-1- 4620989.