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Post Coronavirus Travel Updates for Trips in Nepal

With the increasing impact of Coronavirus around the world, and Nepal being no exception, the tourism industry seems to have come to a halt. Now, despite the fact that the lockdown is assumed to end by the end of April, the tourists seem to be concerned whether they’ll be able to travel to Nepal by later this year. One of the travel updates is that it is quite likely that the trips to different parts of Nepal will run by the end of summer this year. It is estimated that the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of Coronavirus in Nepal will be contained within a couple weeks. The following are few of the frequently asked questions related to travel updates.

FAQ Related to Trip Bookings

Is it possible to go on trips in Nepal as scheduled originally?

At the moment, there is a lockdown going on in the country, and during this time, neither the locals nor the foreigners are allowed to travel. Also, the incoming flights and on-arrival VISA services have been suspended till the end of April. It is assumed that from the beginning of May, all these services would resume, and the government would allow traveling inside the country.
So, you can go for trips in Nepal, scheduled or otherwise, from May onwards. You could also apply for VISA in the Nepalese Embassy by presenting a swab test PCR health certificate. Getting your hands on the VISA prior to your arrival will make your experience at the airport much better. You could contact our experienced travel agents directly to know more about this.

Is there a possibility of full refund if the trip is cancelled?

As per the refund policies of our company, we don’t offer full refund at the cancellation of a trip. However, in such circumstances, our clients are entitled to a lifetime deposit. It means that the clients can postpone their trip. You could contact us directly, or go through our booking and cancellation terms and conditions for details.

Do cancellation fees imply if the clients wish to cancel the trip?

If the clients wish to cancel the trip, cancellation charges would imply. However, it is recommended that they should rather go for lifetime deposit, which means that they can postpone their trips. Also, make sure to contact your insurance agent to know more about cancellation coverage policies. You could contact us directly, or go through our book and cancellation terms and conditions for details.

Does the company offer alternatives to cancelling the trip?

Instead of cancelling the trip, you could go for lifetime deposit, which allows you to postpone the trip to any given date in the future. Also, you can choose to travel to any other destination, or change your itinerary. You can even transfer the trip in the name of your family or friends. Please contact us to get more details regarding such alternatives.

Will additional charges incur if the trip is postponed?

Additional charges could incur if the trip is postponed, and it would depend on the changes in destination, itinerary, the status of advanced booking of hotel rooms and flights, and so on. Please contact our experienced travel advisors to know more about this.

How are the clients informed when the trip is cancelled?

In case the trip is cancelled, the clients are informed via email and telephone. An official trip cancellation notice is also published.

What are the necessary steps to follow to tackle the country’s changing entry requirement?

It is recommended that you stay up to date with the requirements that you need to fulfill to enter the country. Generally, the criteria remain the same, but they could change at times mainly due to political reasons. Please contact our travel experts for more information on this.

What steps should the client follow in case the flight is cancelled?

The best thing to do in case of flight cancellation is to talk to your respective travel agent as soon as you get the news. Contact us and we’re sure to come up with a solution.

Do the clients get informed if the trip is to run just as scheduled?

The clients are informed only if the trip gets cancelled. Generally, the clients don’t get any notification if the trip is to run as planned.

Who is responsible for covering the cost if the tourist is to be quarantined by the local government?

The cost that would incur during the quarantine phase is to be handled by the client itself, or the health insurance agent of the client. The travel agency will help the client in whatever ways possible to seek medical help in case the symptoms are noticed. Please contact our office for detailed information regarding this.

If the client has trip reservations for later this year, is it better to cancel?

Trip cancellation would require the client to pay cancellation charges. It’s better to go for lifetime deposit and postpone the trip. Now, considering the progress in the containment of Covid-19, it seems as if there is a good chance for all the trips to run in their scheduled dates later this year. So, it is recommended that you stay up to date with travel related news. Please contact our experts to get to know more about this.

Will the clients be allowed to travel in Nepal if they have a history traveling in the Corona affected region?

Whether the clients will be allowed to travel in the country or not would depend entirely on the duration gap between their travel in the Corona affected region and the current one. Also, to avoid difficulties, you could travel with a swab test PCR health certificate, proving that you’re Corona Negative. As long as you’re not suffering from the disease, you’d be granted the VISA and the permits easily. However, it is recommended that you stay updated with the latest travel related news. Make sure to contact us to know more.

Is it a good idea to book a future trip at the moment?

There is nothing wrong with making future bookings, as this lockdown phase is only temporary and is assumed to be lifted by the end of April. A lot of tourists have been booking trips for later this year. In case the trip is affected by any means, we are sure to handle it effectively and inform you when the time is right. Please contact our expert agents for more information.

FAQ Related to Medical Expenses

Is my travel insurance agent responsible for covering all my medical costs incurring during the trip?

Well, it actually depends on the features in your insurance package. Generally, when the tourists come to Nepal, they make sure to have a package that covers all their medical expenses incurring during the trip. Make sure to talk to your insurance agent regarding this. Please contact us for more information.

Do the travel agencies offer medical services if required?

We are prepared at all times to provide medical services to our clients. There is an experienced health official who travels with the team, along with necessary equipment and medicines. He will make sure to take care of the client in case they fall sick. If the situation gets worse, immediate rescue services are also offered.

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We are on the verge of hearing the good news regarding the containment of the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of Coronavirus in Nepal, and the lift on the lockdown. Now, it is assumed that tourists will be able to make trips to different parts of Nepal from the end of the summer itself, so, it is natural for them to have queries related to travelling in Nepal, bookings, cancellations, refund policies, and so many other issues. The above mentioned FAQs are directed to answer all these questions. However, provided that your query is not fulfilled, it is advised that you call our office and talk to our travel and tour experts.

For more precise information regarding travel updates in Nepal, you can also follow the given sites below:

1. Department of Tourism

2. World Health Organization

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Latest update of Covid19 in Nepal till 21st July 2020 4:21 Pm Nepali time

Total PCR TEst: 323835

Total RDT Test: 312402

Quarantined: 21704

Isolation: 5477

Infected: 17994

Discharged cases: 12477

Active Cases: 5477

Deaths: 40

Note: The government of Nepal has declared to end the Covid19 lockdown national wide from today July 22, 2020..

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