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Mustang Region in Nepal

The Mustang Region in Nepal is very unique and precious trekking destinations preferred by several adventure trekkers who really love to trek to the unique destination out of the madding crowd. It is believed that the word “Mustang” is derived from the Tibetan word which means “Plain of Aspiration.” This region lies beyond the Himalayan ranges of several snow capped Himalayas. Mustang is an ancient forbidden kingdom till 1992, bordered by the Tibetan Plateau. It is the shelter for some of world’s tallest mountain peaks with the elevation of 8000-meter tall like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The strict rules and regulations of Tibetan people have aided in maintaining Tibetan traditions among the tourists. This region was independent state with a separate King. Lo-Manthang is still regarded as the Kingdom of Upper Mustang Region.

Trekking in Mustang region make you amazed with the opportunity to encounter the ancient Buddhist and Tibetan culture that is still in existence within the local comities. The mix culture of Upper Mustang region among Tibetan and Buddhist are not only unique but also very interesting and attractive too for the trekkers who are fond of cultural diversity. Mustang Region is purely rich in Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is an alternate way to experience Tibetan culture and landscape within Nepal. Most of the trekkers prefer to explore this region during Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthang with very unique native culture. There are several popular monasteries and historic caves scattered around this region. Mustang Region lies in the rain shadow of the Himalaya receiving very less rainfall all around. This is the reason that keeps this region ever dry and has mystical desert like landscape that will drag your attention very close.

Most of the people in this area maintain their livelihood by fulfilling trekkers basic needs like food and shelter during the high tourist season. They grow few crops and depend on animal husbandry as the main occupation all year round. This entire region lies within the boundary of Annapurna Conservation area which is also one of the largest protected area in Nepal.

There are more than Thirty-Five snow-capped Himalayas around this area providing specular scenery like over 6000- meters. Among them Dhaulagiri at 8167- meters and Annapurna I at 8091-meters have unique importance.

Actually, Mustang region is divided into two sub-regions. One is popularly called as Lower Mustang region and another is called as Upper Mustang region. Most of the normal and beginner trekkers can easily approach till Lower Mustang Region. But it requires high professionalism in trekking to explore the Upper Mustang Region. There are several well facilities hotels, lodges and tea houses around Lower Mustang region. But you do not see these facilities in Upper Mustang Region. The trekkers in Upper Mustang region should compromise with few local tea houses and basic facilities to explore the essence of Heaven.

Since Mustang region is untouched by the crowd of the world, Swiss explorer Mr. Tony Hagen was the first geologist who explored this hidden valley in 1952. Mustang Region is very popular among the Nepali trekkers too.

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