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The Probability Of Adventure Tourism In Nepal | Explore Nepal

adventure tourism in nepal

Located in the lap of Himalayas, Nepal boasts every natural beauty possible. Nepal has the perfect geographical locations ideal for seeking huge potentialities of adventure tourism. Among various types of tourism, adventure tourism is the emerging field for which Nepal possesses a higher potentiality. Adventure tourism started in Nepal from the early attempts to conquer world’s highest peak Mt. Everest some about five decades ago.     

Adventure is a set of heart throbbing activities that every modern traveler seeks. In Nepal there are many adventurous activities that can be the satisfying tools for the adventure lovers. Rock climbing, Peak climbing, Mountaineering, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Cannoning, Jungle Safari, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Trekking, Paragliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Mountain Flight, Heli Skiing, Everest Sky Diving, Zip Flyer, Honey Hunting are some of the best adventurous activities one can perform in Nepal.

Tourists have number of activities to choose from. They can enjoy the view of mesmerizing Himalayas, watch mountain peaks turn from soft pink to shimmering gold as the sun climbs higher to clean blue sky. They may also choose to enjoy the thrill of white water rafting. Nepal also provides an option of visiting tropical forests, grassland and lush vegetation which is a home of various species of migratory birds, rhinos, leopards, elephants, bears and endangered Bengal Tigers in a traditional way, i.e.; on an elephant’s back.

Adventure tourism in Nepal is a billion dollar industry. It is one of the fastest growing areas of tourism sector globally. This activity not only raises the tourism sector but also the economical sector and attracts high value customers and encourages sustainable practices in this field. It puts a positive impact on Nepal’s national economy, indigenous population, tourism industry, and conservation development.

With many possibilities, Nepal faces a lot of problems when it comes to the right promotion. Nepal lacks behind in the competitive market of adventure tourism. Making world aware of the possibilities and activities that Nepal possesses has become an issue. With globalization and modernization, Nepal is also destructing its natural environment which consists of various kinds of adventure. Also, Nepal lacks the protection ability to the tourists visiting Nepal from the potential risk.

Nepal has a lot more to go in this field for which it has to do many more things that helps in the promotion of the industry. Protecting natural environment, proper online advertisement and description, mass media coverage to the area of adventure possibilities, etc. should be done for influencing tourists to visit Nepal. Also, Nepal must provide reliable travel agents on whom the visitors can trust and if this is done and Nepal is able to create a positive impact on the visitors, adventure tourism itself is promoted.

Since, Nepal has infinite potentiality; it has a lot to offer to the adventure seeker and lover of the world who looks for adrenaline thrust through adventure tourism. Many unexplored region of Nepal are to be identified along with popular tourist destination to make remarkable progress in this field. With a little more of the effort by every existing individual in the industry and proper and clear government rules regarding adventure tourism, Nepal gets enough of exposure to the world of adventure.

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