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The case of Coronavirus | Covid-19

Coronavirus induced disease Covid-19 is a global pandemic; it’s official now. With almost 60 countries being impacted by the disease, world governments and numerous international health institutions are working to end the reign of this virus. When it started spreading in January this year, it didn’t seem like a big deal, but things got pretty terrible when the number of people suffering from this virus went up almost a 100,000 times in a matter of weeks. The first case of Covid-19 was discovered in December last year, and in a matter of 4 months, currently, there are around 200,000 active cases of Coronavirus in the world. The hospitals are trying their best to keep the patients in ventilators and quarantine, however, the fact that vaccinations and antidotes for the virus aren’t available makes the scenario even worse. There have been recoveries, but most of them were the results of the victim’s own strong immunity power. To bring this pandemic to a halt, the governments around the world have taken major steps. Now, despite the fact that the situation in Nepal is better, things have taken a dramatic turn here too.

Steps taken by the Government of Nepal

At this moment, the top level priority for Nepal Government, or that of any other country is to contain the disease. All their efforts are directed towards stopping the further spread of this disease. There are certain common steps that the governments of all over the world have taken. They have urged their people to stay indoors and avoid mass gatherings as far as practicable. They have asked the academic institutions, corporations and different firms to close down temporarily, and if need be, allow their staff to work from home. Under awareness campaigns, the governments are spreading information containing the crucial things to do during the current situation, for instance, to avoid catching the virus, people should wash their hands time and again for 20 seconds, and if flu like symptoms appear, they should wear masks and keep oneself in quarantine. Most importantly, there are so many rumors spreading by the means of the internet and other media. The governments have urged the people to not follow them. Instead, they’ve been asked to follow the words of medical experts and credible organizations.

Address by the Prime Minister of Nepal

The Prime Minister of Nepal, K.P. Sharma Oli recently addressed the citizens of Nepal, and in his speech, he asked them to stay calm and jointly contribute towards containing the disease. Apart from the things mentioned above, he informed about the disruption in long route bus and flight services, and several secondary services offered by various governmental and non-governmental organizations in Nepal. He justified that the step was taken considering the current pandemic. He added that primary services such as telecommunication, electricity, water, bank related, and so on would not be disrupted during this time. One of the most important features of his speech was the clarification regarding the spread of the disease in Nepal. He stated that the disease hasn’t yet impacted Nepal, as almost zero known cases of Covid-19 have been discovered in Nepal, and to ensure that the status remains the same in the days to come as well, the said steps were taken. He stressed on the fact that Nepalese need not worry as all the arrangements regarding the diagnosis and treatment of the disease are being made.

When you look at the statements launched by WHO and CDC, Covid-19 isn’t really a hazardous disease. However, what makes it so dangerous is so many people suffering from the disease at the same time, and in a situation where its treatment is unavailable. We don’t have enough hospitals, resources and medical practitioners to take care of so many patients. Having so many people suffering from the same disease can overwhelm these doctors, who are already busy handling serious cases. It is for the same reasons that the lockdown has been put into effect. Also, the same statements inform that the disease can be avoided by following a few very simple cleanliness habits, and by avoiding coming in contact with people. At this point of time, it’s crucial to not follow fake news and rumors, as they can bring the morale down. While many people are absolutely distressed by the current scenario, there are others who’ve taken it as an opportunity to enjoy some alone time. Covid-19 is a pandemic for sure, but it isn’t powerful enough to end humanity. People should work together to stop it’s spread; that’s most crucial.

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