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tea house trekking in nepal

What is teahouse trekking?

Now-a-days Teahouse Trekking is being popular among the trekkers around the world. The main trekking routes in Nepal are teahouse treks. We can find large comfortable lodges with good facilities. Normally tea houses are made up with simple stone and wooden having a kitchen, a communal eating hall and bathroom area. Mostly room has two single beds and a table with thick blanket (feel free to double-up, if it’s cold). Rooms are tiny and well cleaned having attached bathroom in Special Trekking area.   Most trekkers leave out on showers during their trek due to cold water, but some teahouses do present hot showers at a small fee.

Is there Tea House in Annapurna Region?

Yes of course we can find lot of Tea houses while Trekking in Annapurna region. The tea houses are well managed in Annapurna and Everest Trekking region than others. Tea house trekking route in Annapurna region is classics, most diverse and stunning. 
Among Nepal Tea Houses trekking packages list Everest Tea houses and Annapurna Tea houses are well managed and fine arrangement.  

  • Teahouse manners….!    

If your trek package are on full boards basis (Bed, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) then everything will be taken care of at your teahouses expect your personal beverage and other drinks should be pay by yourself. In all cases, the charge of your room is very reasonable (nearly $5/ night), and the owner generate mostly income from the meals and beverages. So, you are predictable to have your meal at same teahouses where you are staying.

  • Food at Teahouse

Nepal tea house menu consists of Dhal Bhat, Tibetan Bread, Sandwich, Momo, Pasta, Pizza, fry rice and Noodle dishes. Tibetan Bread and dishes are the common food available in every teahouse. Fresh item should be order to avoid getting sick on the trek. Most trekkers, guides, and porters order dhal Bhat because it’s generally consistent, healthy, and easily available wherever you move.

  • Wi-Fi & Electricity

Now-a-days Wi-Fi and charging outlets are easily available in most of the teahouses trek in Nepal. Tea house in Namche Bazzar has better internet connection than others Tea houses in Nepal. In some teahouse the connection are slow down due to its old routers.  

  • Accommodation

Accommodations are simple and clean in a tea house; the rooms usually contain two single beds with thick blankets, a table, and ceiling lights. Some trekking tea houses have attached bathrooms with shower facilities. Due to hygienic reasons, some trekkers prefer to carry their own sleeping bag liner. The tea houses are better managed in Annapurna and the Everest region than others. The tea house trekking route in Annapurna region is classic, most diverse, and stunning. 

Among the Nepal Tea Houses trekking packages listed, Everest Tea Houses and Annapurna Tea Houses are well managed and in fine arrangement.  

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