Top 7 Reasons to Travel to Nepal | An Insight By Tom Lucido

22 Jul, 2019 Great Nepal Treks

Top 7 Reasons to Travel to Nepal | An Insight By Tom Lucido

With so many world destinations to choose, why would you consider Nepal?  I’ve been on the “world road” now for over three years, and when I first left the United States in July 2017, Nepal was not initially on my list.  For various reasons, I had been avoiding southern Asia for a long time.  Once I began to plan my visit to China, I also started exploring my options for Tibet.  Looking at the world map, Nepal suddenly came into focus as the most logical next destination, after all, I’d only be an hour away by air.  With that I started to explore my options, and within a few hours, I realized I have made the right choice.

Nepal offers a huge variety of tourist options.  Many people think Nepal is just for mountain climbers and that the only reason to visit Nepal is to summit Mt. Everest.  They could not be more wrong.  Nepal is amazing in so many ways.

  1. The People.  The people of Nepal are charming, welcoming, and warm-hearted.  Unlike a lot of tourist destinations, visitors are welcomed as people, not dollars.  Nepali people are curious and ask a lot of questions.  Take the time to answer those questions and ask a lot of your own.  You’ll find in general that Nepalese are honest and generous.  It may be because of their Hindu background, but I would like to think that it is much more.  Sure, there will always be the shop over, who is more interested in your wallet than you.  And there will be the street vendors that only see you as a mark for a quick sale.  But, talk to someone for more than a few moments and you will see a genuine heart, an honest soul, and a welcoming spirit.

    nepalese people

  2. The Culture.  Art, Music, Food, Compassion, Smiles.  It is easy to get lost in the overwhelming wave of sounds, smells, colors, and feelings.  Everywhere you turn there is something new and unusual to visit.  There are countless festivals and processions honoring ancestors, traditions, and events.  Cymbals, drums, horns, flags, banners, costumes.  This is an everyday event.  The best part is - you can easily become involved by simply joining in the procession.  You’ll be met with smiles and offered garlands, flowers, and tokens, all with no expectation beyond seeing you enjoy the moment.


  3. Historical Sites.  Temples, bazars, churches, tombs, palaces, monuments, parks, UNESCO sites, Nepal has one of the largest and compact collections of all this, easily within walking distances of each other.

    pashupatinath temple

  4. Wildlife.  Cows, bulls, buffalo, donkeys, horse, monkeys and domestic critters dominate the urban landscape.  Get a bit out of the cities and there are Bengal Fox, Bengal Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Corsac Fox, Rhinoceros, Asiatic Elephant, Marbled Cat, Indian Pangolin, Chinese Pangolin, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Tibetan Fox, Pablo and Tibetan Wolf.  On top of that, there are countless birds of every size, shape, and color.

    chitwan national park

  5. Scenery.  MOUNTAINS in every photo, with forests, plains, farmlands and jungles.  Sprawling cities blending into the hills. Rushing rivers, falls, and loads of rapids.  Beautiful mountain lakes.  Still ponds.  Gorgeous urban parks.
  6. Tourism Services.  There is a myriad of agencies offering all types of city tours, hikes, multi-city trips, jungle safaris, transportation, guides, porters, and accommodations.

    tourist in nepal

  7. Cost.  In two words, “DIRT CHEAP.” Compared to other travel destinations.  Plain and simple, your hard earned vacation dollars go a LONG way in exchange for outstanding adventures, experiences, and life-long memories.

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