Photography and Filming

Nepal is undeniably a photographer’s delight, being home to 8 of the worlds top 10, 8000 plus peaks, which is bound to give you chills till your bones. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, which makes it a very sacred place. It also houses Bengal tiger, Red Panda, and snow leopard which are amongst few of the world’s endangered species. With over 643 species of butterfly, 860 species of bird, this accounts for 10% of world’s total bird species. Giving you ample of opportunity to click the perfect picture. With 10 World Heritage Sites still to be seen, Nepal is the ultimate destination hosting high snow-capped Himalayas to lush beautiful forest, varied species of endangered animals and birds, and many valuable historical sites. This trip is designed to give you a glimpse of the natural and cultural beauty, that Nepal is well known for.


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