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Nepal Trekking Tips For Beginners – Trekking Guide For the Beginners

nepal trekking tips for beginner

Can Beginners Trek to Nepal? Is it possible to trek in Nepal for the beginners?

Yes ! Nepal is the perfect tourism destinations for luxury and adventurous lovers. Even this destination is the best options for the beginners trekkers and professionals too.

Read the inclusions in your trekking package carefully

Some companies advertise a much lower price but it does not include accommodation or meals. You may find the cost to end up greater than those higher priced all-inclusive packages. Beware with illegal operators in Nepal who may hook you buttering the cheapest price.

Find out how many people will be in your group

You may prefer to travel in a very large group but if you do your homework you may find a small group Trek to be more desirable and equally affordable.

Consider hiring a porter or guide

Instead of booking on a group Trek this may be a very good alternative for independent travellers and friends. Not only will it ensure your safety but also enhance your experience. It also allows trekkers to support the employment of the local people. Many times these local guides have a wealth of knowledge about local customs and traditions that they will gladly share with you.

Climbing of peaks is off limits on trekking permits

Do not climb peaks without the necessary permits. This is a no no.

Do not attempt to cross mountain passes without a guide

This is risky without local knowledge and is the easiest way to put yourself in dangerous situations. Most of the deaths of trekkers in recent years have been for this reason.

Familiarize yourself with altitude sickness

Read and learn to know the symptoms of altitude sickness as well as the recommendations of altitude gain. Info can be found on the Himalayan Rescue Association of Nepal’s website.  Even on group treks you should be familiar with this particularly treks to high altitudes such as the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Use a reputable agency

There are many willing to guide you on treks in Nepal. Check that it is a licensed agency arranging your trek. They will have all the necessary permits and insurance required to meet government regulations.  Stay away from unethical tour operators in Nepal. Read our BLOG about ethical tourism here.

Be prepared to be “offline” or pay for wifi

Most of the tea houses on the main routes will have wifi available at cost. The service is often poor compared to the cities and can be nonexistent particularly after snowfall in remote areas. Consider paying for wifi every few days to cut down costs.

Share with a “buddy”

If you are trekking on your own you may find teaming up with a friend or other solo trekker may lessen your accommodation cost. Sharing a guide is also mutually beneficial.

Hire a porter

It is very physically exhausting to Trek at altitude and Nepal is all hills and mountains. It will make Trekking much more enjoyable if you are not carrying a heavy pack. Many trekkers get caught having to pay twice the daily rate for a porter or guide if they decide that they need one part way into their trek.

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