Nepal, the land of Himalayas is a mecca of tourism and holidays. Open to tourists from all over the world since 1950, Nepal is a sanctuary that caters to people with different interests. It does not matter if you are an adventure junkie, nature or peace and culture lover, Nepal is ideal for everyone.
Home to the highest peak in the world, the Mt. Everest along with other highest peaks in the world, Nepal is frequently recognized as the land of the Himalayas and people from all over the world come to Nepal to trek to infamous trekking locations like the Everest Base Camp popularly renowed as EBC Trek, Annapurna Base camp, etc. and conquer some of these tall mountains too.
However, what Nepal has to offer is not limited to the snow-capped glory. Nepal is also known for its swift flowing rivers, perfect for whitewater rafting and kayaking. Likewise, Nepal is very rich in natural beauty. It has a very diverse eco-system and features some of the most exotic and rare flora and fauna in the world. From Jungle Safaris to Bird Watching to Photography Tours, nature lovers will have no complaints, whatsoever.
Similarly, Nepal's diverse culture and traditions make traveling to Nepal a cultural wonderland. With 4 religious and 36 ethnic groups, Nepal is a colossal perfection of cultural diversity. The festivals, the unique food, the different religious sites followed by the warm hospitality of the locals make Nepal an impeccable travel destination.
At Great Nepal Treks & Expedition, we aim to provide you with the best options while traveling in Nepal and make your experience in the country perfect by providing the best customer service, professional guides, and 100% satisfaction.
So, what are waiting for? Hurry up and book your trip to Nepal.


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