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Thrilling Trek into the heart of the Himalaya Makalu Trek

makalu trek

Are you a Trek freak? Do adventures energize you? If you are a peripatetic person or a trek lover who is seeking for the next roller coaster ride, then, Makalu Trek could be your ideal trekking adventure to be a part of.

Makalu Trek is one of the audacious and thrilling adventures in Barun Valley. Makalu Base Camp Trek is a 22 days long journey that takes you through the beautiful villages consisting of the Tibetan and Buddhist communities. The people here have learned how to live in the excruciating climatic conditions. As you become a part of Makalu Base Camp Trek, you will hear trees whispering the sounds of psithurism in the luxuriant woods of Rhododendron and Orchid forest. With the glittering layer of snow on leaves, twigs and grasses, cottony clouds, panoramic views of the world’s highest majestic snow-capped mountains, you’ll have a great experience during Makalu trek. During your trek, with no doubt, you will feel special while you discover the heavenly beauty of nature that every human on earth is missing these days.

the makalu trek

You will come across cultural interactions, charming villages with farmlands and pastures, and many more surprises as you explore the areas. The most blissful moment that you will experience is the time spent among the different shades of nature. Makalu Trek allows you to grasp nature in a colourful spirit, where you get to enjoy the stupendous perspective of Mt.Everest (8848 meters) at a unique angle, Mt. Makalu (8481 meters), Lhotse (8516 meters), Hong Chuli (6833meteres), and other high mountains in the eastern side of Nepal.

Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek, the high altitude trek that takes you above 4500m, takes off after we reach the lowlands of Tumlingtar in the mid-eastern region, which is about 30-40 hours of drive away from Dharan or Biratnagar. The road is smooth for 450 kilometers. You may also reach the place in a flight. It depends upon your choice or comfort. Regular trekkers are guided by trek guides; solo trekkers can use Makalu Base Camp Trek Map. But even for trekkers guided by trek guides, Makalu Base Camp Trek Map can prove to be handy. You will get all the information in a map, and the journey will be quite easy. Makalu Base Camp Trek passes through Makalu Barun National Park where you will get to spot various rare flora and fauna.

The route consists of numerous high passes such as Keke La, Shipton La and many more. As you walk deeper into the mountains, you can feel the cool breeze hitting your face. You will witness magnificent waterfalls, glaciers and granite cliffs. Makalu base camp is situated at a high altitude, so, reaching here won’t be as easy as going on low altitude treks. It requires trekkers to be calm and to have lots of strength to walk on the ups and downs of the hillside. This trek will require you to adjust to any kind of environment. Moreover, if the trekkers love the counter culture, the journey will prove to be heaven for them. Makalu Trek would add memories to the trekker’s mind with new cultures, lifestyles, food, languages, traditions, and the huge diversity that Nepal is popular for. Tibetan groups that reside in the region will introduce you to the untold stories of the Himalayas that you can only hear when you are on the trek.

makalu base camp trek

If you dare challenge the obstacles that Makalu region has, trust me, you will have a memorable trek worthy of reward. Makalu Base Camp Trek is 22 days long and it is an arduous trek recommended for tranquil trekkers. It is one of the most thrilling adventures one can ever go for. Autumn is considered to be the best season for a trek in Makalu.

Mt. Makalu, the peak of 8485 meters, has got its name from the phrase “Maha Kala”, which roughly translates to “The Great Black”. It all makes sense as the peak is nothing but a big blackfaced rock. It is a part of the Mahalangur Himalayan range and it is shaped like a four-sided pyramid which is quite unique. Going for Makalu Expedition could be a big challenge but it can be done with preparation and guidance from mountaineering experts.

Makalu Base Camp Sherpani Col Trek is a longest trek in Makalu region targeted to reach Makalu Base Camp. The trek comes with challenges such as Sherpani Col (6150m), Amphu Labtsa Pass (5800 m) and West Col (6143m). These difficulties cannot be explained in words as the journey is travelled by trekking enthusiasts in their own unique ways. Technique isn’t enough to finish the journey; you also need motivation.

makalu to sherpani col trek

Barun Valley is rich in biodiversity but is also considered as one of the remotest parts of the country. It spreads over Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha covering an area of 1500 It is covered with lush green forests. You can observe the changes of alpine meadows to hard rocks and gravel moving when you move north on the trail. Trekkers will find a plethora of wildlife such as Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Wild Yak, Red Panda, White-Naked Stork, Raptors, Lynx, Deep-Blue Kingfisher, Flying Squirrel, Eagles, and many more in Barun Valley. Also, they will get to observe exuberant landscapes with Rhododendron forest, contained inside Makalu Barun National Park, and learn the struggles of life in Himalayan villages and other remote areas. Barun Valley introduces you to a new culture with traditional cuisine.

Makalu Trek Itinerary

Makalu Trek starts from Tumlingtar passing through several places such as Chichila, Num, Sedua, Tashin Gaon, Khongma, Mumbuk, Yangle Kharka, etc. You will be guided from Arun river through mesmerizing woods that flows right at the base of the village. The trails are well marked with patches of settlements. You can spot Tashi Gaon from Cheksi Danda. During the walk from Sedua to Tashi Gaon, you will have plenty of time in the sun as the walk is on the ridge. The food they provide is quite delicious in Sedua which is a surprising yet amazing experience to gain.

Along the way, you will have an ecstatic view of Mt. Makalu. You will also get to spot colorful birds. The trek makes you pass through Shipton La and Keke La. When you reach Shipton La, you will feel the rise in snow level slowly. Sometimes fog creates hindrances in observing vibrant colours that the lakes on the route radiate. You will have strenuous trek but it rewards you with a deeper connection to nature. You will see the rays of sunlight making the water in the lakes sparkle, green terrace farming with sheep, cattle and yaks walking with the jingling sounds from their bell tied onto their necks, and so on. From Yangle Kharka, you can see Shivadhara. You will finally reach Lang Male. From here, you are not much far from Makalu Base Camp.

The trekkers have to go through slippery trails in between Dobato. The most beautiful part of this trek is the cultural interaction. You will experience the people making you feel comfortable despite the struggles in their life. These people walk through snow and rocks every day and the interaction might give you a few tips on trekking as well. Makalu Trek is not an easy trek. It requires lots of strength and calmness. You will be spending your nights in tented camps. You will have to walk 5 – 6 hours every day. Makalu Base camp Trek has departure dates that you can personalize according to your wish.

trek in makalu

Makalu Base Camp trek is a journey that connects two of the most significant trekking regions of Nepal – Everest Region, home to Mt. Everest, and Kanchenjunga Region, home to Mt. Kanchenjunga. The route also connects Sagarmatha National Park and Kanchenjunga Conservation Area – two of the prominent protective areas of Nepal. All in all, Makalu trek allows to soak in the goodness of the hills in the eastern part of Nepal.

Makalu Barun National Park

Makalu Barun National Park is located in the North-Eastern Himalayas. It covers an area of 2,330 sq. km. It is home to more than 420 species of avian life. Moreover, Makalu Barun National Park has rarest flora and fauna. The lower part of Makalu Barun National Park has a moderate climate whereas the higher parts have a cool climate. This variety of altitude leads to different ecological zones including Tropical, Subtropical, Alpine and Subalpine forest, and a wide variety of Himalayan flora and fauna. The winter is perfect for camping as the area gets too cold. Spiny Babbler, a rare bird species, is also found in Makalu Barun National Park. Makalu Trek observes numerous glaciers, glacial lakes, rivers, hot springs, cliffs, gorges, and so on. Makalu Barun National Park can be reached by aeroplane as well.

Makalu Trek Difficulties

The trekkers also get the opportunity to observe a wide range of biodiversity, culture and topography. During Makalu Trek, you will trek to the highest altitude of 4870 meters to the base camp. It rises from 500 m to 4870 m. High altitude comes with challenges. The higher you go, the thicker the fog will be. Trekkers have to face immense rise and fall of temperature and unpredictable changes in weather. When the altitude increases, slowly the air gets thinner. There could be the possibility of altitude sickness. This trek throws you out of your comfort zone. The trekkers need to walk with a mind map of being safe rather than panicking in particular situations. Remember the sayings of most of the experienced trekkers – with the past experiences of facing challenges, you would slowly build up the confidence to reach the next step.

The best way to deal with trek difficulties is to avoid sleeping tablets and alcoholic drinks. Keep your body hydrated as much as possible. As Makalu region is a remote area, make sure to carry enough food as you would need them. The lodges in these areas are of lower standard than some other places. However, we can find constant improvement in its services every year. It has basic facilities like food and lodging. Take a deep breath, as a couple of rest days included in the itinerary will make the trek less challenging. Make sure to follow the information provided by the guide. You can take Makalu Base Camp Trek Map for further assistance.

trek in makalu

Highlights Of Makalu Trek

  • Experience high altitude trek to Makalu Base Camp i.e 4870 meters
  • Enjoy panoramic view of the snow-covered mountains including Mt. Makalu, Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and many more. Moreover, trekkers can view Mt. Everest from unique angle
  • Taste traditional cuisines.
  • Walk through majestic Rhododendron and Orchid Forests, and cover the habitats of numerous species
  • Walk through Barun river and Makalu Barun National Park
  • Discover rare wildlife in Nepal
  • Enjoy the views of highly fascinating green terrace farming, glaciers and waterfalls
  • Witness rural lifestyle of Rais and Gurungs

towards the sherpani col trek

Best Time To Trek Makalu

The best time for Makalu trekking is between the months of September and November because in these months the passes have less snow that makes the trek easy. The temperature is mildly warm. The only downside is that during these months, we find more people on the route. The time is perfect for trekking especially from the perspective of mountain views. It is better to book the flight in advance. In Nepal, Nepalese celebrate the biggest Hindu festival Dashain. After a few days, the festival Tihar, also known as “the festival of lights“, is celebrated. So, trekking in autumn introduces you to various festivals and cultures.

The second best time to trek is between the months of March and May. The spring season is quite beautiful with red, purple, pink and white flowers growing in pristine forests. During this time, the weather is pleasant, clear and less cold. There are fewer snows on the passes that make the trek easy. The advantage in these months is there is less crowd and you can have a clear view of the mountains, glaciers, forest and so many other beauties that Makalu Trek offers.

Makalu Trek Packing List

The necessary clothes and equipment make your adventure easier and  more comfortable, and you’re able to collect memories. Remember to inquire about the weight of your carriage as you will be hiring porters to carry your stuff high in the hills.

Trekking equipment depends on the types of trek, time, weather and altitude. While picking the right trekking equipment, one of the things that we must note is the right light-weighted backpacks that are wind and waterproof. Similarly, trekkers should carry warm clothes for the winter trek.

  1. Clothes

You can carry woolen linear socks, walking boots as footwear, warm and cozy mittens or gloves for hand wear, thermal underwear, shirts and trousers, running shoes and flip-flops, water and windproof jackets, gloves scarfs, snow gaiters, and others, depending on the need  Regarding headwear, you can carry a couple of woolen hats, sun hat, and so on.

  1. Travelling

You can have big bags or duffle bags. Additionally, you can bring a padlock to secure your bags. Do not forget to add toiletry bags with toilet paper, a bar of soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen (SPF+20), water filter, earplugs, pocket knives, books, diary and other stuff you might need for daily use.

  1. Trekking Gears

You can bring a pair of polarizing sunglasses, backpack cover, headtorch, small torch, spare batteries, a map specific to your trekking route, medicines and Diamox. You can bring personal cameras, water bottles, and so on.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Camping

You can carry personal sleeping bags, down jackets, cooking, eating and drinking utensils, tent, and so on.

Makalu Trek will be a thrilling trek for the trek freaks. It gives you fun surprises with some of the adventurous challenges. At the end of the day, trekkers are sure to find themselves to be the happiest creatures on the planet. The curves and golden lights in Makalu mountain, frozen shoes and slippery trails, slushy snows, steeper trails will be stocked in your iris. The ringing alarm of cold breezy wind and lazy sunrise warmth will be deeply rooted in your skin. The region is a photography destination for many mountain photographers. Overall, Makalu Trek will teach you to come out of your comfort zone and overcome the unpredictable fears that life gives you in the walk.

makalu sherpani col trek

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