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teej festival in nepal

Teej is a festival celebrated by Hindu women and girls on third day of Bhadra Sukla Pakshya-Nepali lunar calendar (generally in early September). Traditionally dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is believed, worshiping him this day gives long life to husband and provides marital happiness and well being of children. This day holds an important role on religious and cultural perspective of people of Nepal and some part of India.
It is a wonderful experience seeing women with red sarees, jewelries, singing and dancing in the street and nearby holy places. It is a three day long celebration with entertainment, splendid feasts and finally twenty four hours rigid fasting. The first day of Teej is called The grand feast day “Dar khane din”, women both married and unmarried enjoy verity of cuisine gathering together with singing ,dancing in Nepali devotional and Teej special folk songs.
The second day is the fasting day. Most of the married women spends the whole day dancing and visiting Temple of Lord Shiva, without eating anything and even a drop of water, however, some women specially unmarried takes fruit, juice and water.

After the completion of previous day’s worship, a ritual process to bath with red and other kind of mud to purify the body and biting roots of sacred datiwan bush. This is the traditional purification of women are considered to forgive from all their sins during the whole year. The final day is called “Rishi Panchami”.

Interestingly, no daughter goes to her mother’s home without the invitation and if their maternal family member unable to call then that will be the saddest moment and express the feelings along the Teej songs.

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