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Great Nepal Treks and Expedition

surya bahadur ghimire

Surya Bahadur Ghimire


Great Nepal Treks and Expedition welcomes you to the land of the Himalayas, where adventure and surprise awaits even the most casual traveler.  Whether you’re interested in performing adventurous sports, exploring nature, or savoring a local culture, Nepal is a land that will take you there and beyond.  Our peculiar traditions, cultures, ethnic groups, nature, biodiversity, flora and fauna, society and various communities will fill your heart, and the selfless smiles of the Nepali people will warm your soul.

At Great Nepal Treks and Expeditions, we have put together customized itineraries, from simple day tours to complex mountain treks for both beginners & professionals.  We pride ourselves in being experts at taking the hassle out of traveling in the remote outback of Nepal.  Our offerings can be enjoyed as planned, or we can customize any option to fit your time schedule, budget, and particular interest.  Please visit our reviews page to see what travelers have had to say about their experience with us.

Join us and feel the difference!  

Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

Great Nepal Treks and Expeditions is recognized as one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal.  We can be the bridge between your dreams and your destination…and we stand behind our promise of your 100% satisfaction. We are a team of handpicked local individuals who collectively have vast experience in serving clients from around the world. You will find your niche with our exquisitely personalized trips that leave you breathless, spellbound and wanting more. Your satisfaction is of unparalleled importance to us. Equally important is your financial satisfaction and we pride ourselves in offering highly competitive pricing.  Our dedication to the preservation of Nepal’s cultural heritage, its valued social diversity, and our treasured antiquities enforces our goal of offering responsible tourism.

Why Great Nepal Treks?

With numbers of trekking and travel agencies out there, you might ask, why Great Nepal Treks & Expedition? Well, we have the answer. We are one of the best.

Our Affiliations

Great Nepal Treks & Expedition actively participated and contributes in the travel and tourism sector of Nepal and is affiliated to numerous organizations.

Payment Method

To make a Booking you must send us a completely filled Booking Application Form, with 20% of payment of the trekking/hiking/tour cost and 30% of the peak climbing/ expedition cost.

Meet The Team

Our team of experienced, well-trained, and passionate tour and trekking guides are some of the best that Nepal has to offer. Sherpas are regarded as “The Legends of the Himalayas.” Born in the lap of white mountains, the members of our Sherpa team are very competent and experienced.  Most of them have conquered Mt. Everest successfully on multiple occasions. Our guests get to hear the stories of their conquests.  While you may be a first-time visitor to Nepal, our exciting packages combined with warm services will compel you to become a member of our family. Welcome to Nepal in Advance!  Most agree that visiting Nepal only once is not enough.  You’ll find yourself planning your next adventure before leaving.