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How Catastrophic is the Case of Coronavirus (Covid-19) | Visit Nepal 2020

corona virus

When the year 2020 began, no one expected for something so disastrous to happen, and even if they did, they didn’t expect for things to take such an ugly turn so soon. We are three months into the year 2020, and our airport is shut down, or going to be, borders have been sealed, the academic institutions have been closed, all the public places like clubs and movie theatres have stopped offering their services, and the remaining organizations are in a dilemma, trying to find the solution that doesn’t just keep their staff members safe, but also doesn’t downgrade their productivity. All this is made possible thanks to the disease Covid-19 caused by Coronavirus. The WHO has defined it as a pandemic, and a serious danger, not because it kills you instantly, but because it can transmit at an accelerated rate among the people within a very short time.

Discovery of the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

In December of 2019, the disease was first noticed in an individual in the Wuhan Province of China. It was a new type of Coronavirus affecting the humans that hadn’t been identified yet. Other kinds of Coronaviruses affecting humans include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). To distinguish this one from the others, the disease caused by it was named Covid-19. Now, quite like the other types of Coronaviruses, this one is also zoonotic in nature, meaning that it got transported in humans from animals. SARS-CoV got transferred in humans from civet cats, and MERS-CoV got transferred in humans from dromedary camels. From which animal was this Coronavirus transmitted in humans is still unknown. Bats were earlier speculations, but there is no proof.

Covid-19 is also a disease that attacks the respiratory system. The initial symptoms include cough, cold and fever. With no treatment, the matters get worse, and causes the patient to suffer from pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory tract infection, before finally leading to death. Scientists from all around the world are working day and night to discover the vaccinations and medicines to this disease, and considering the number of people that have suffered from it so far, the disease has been given the title ‘pandemic’ by the World Health Organization. Now, despite the fact that it sounds dangerous, it’s quite not, and most importantly, it can be avoided by simply following the basic cleanliness habits like washing the hands properly, wearing a mask if you have flu-like symptoms, avoiding physical contact and crowded places, and so on.

Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) | Cancellation of Visit Nepal 2020

Governments from all around the world are doing their best to tackle the impacts of Covid-19. So far, 246,773 people from around the world have suffered from Coronavirus, and around 10,000 people have died. However, the good news is that 88,488 people have been recovered as a result of keeping them in isolated ventilation. As mentioned above, the most dangerous thing about the disease is that it spreads rapidly, so, the governments from all around the world have made it a requirement to shut down all the public places, academic institutions and places of work. They have advised the people to remain indoors, and especially, to not travel. All of these have started to impact the economy of different nations, and in case of Nepal, nohing can be worse. As Nepal is one of those countries whose economy depends on tourism.

One of the biggest impacts of Covid-19 on this country is that the government had to cancel the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, as travelling is something that is discouraged by countries around the world. The number of tourists visiting Nepal dropped significantly at the beginning of this year, and it continues dropping. So many tourists visiting Nepal at such dire times may not even be a good thing for people here, as it would help the disease spread faster. Considering all these things, it was decided for the Campaign to be cancelled. Whatever’s going on around the world is exactly the situation of Nepal at the moment. People have slowly started to stay indoors, all the public places are closing, academic institutions and offices have shut down, and more. Things are expected to stay the same for the next 30-45 days depending on the situation.

Now, despite the fact that so many people have been able to recover doesn’t mean that the treatment is proving to be effective. The impact of Covid-19 on your body depends highly on your immunity. It is said that it might take the scientists around one full year, more or less, to come up with an antidote or a vaccine for the disease.

The governments are looking to just contain it, and stop its catastrophic spread. As general people, all that we can do is follow the recommended cleanliness habits, as it won’t just prevent you from suffering from the disease, but would also stop the spread of the disease up to a certain extent. Economists say that we are on the verge of global depression caused as a result of this pandemic, but things aren’t quite certain yet. The next few weeks would decide the fate of the world and the people living in it.

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