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bungee jumping in nepal

Bungee Jumping is a prevalent extreme sport, involving jumping from a tall structure while you are connected to a large elastic cord. The adventure sport is not for the weak-hearted but for the daredevils and adventure junkies out there who seek adventure and the adrenalin rush. The main thrill of the extreme-sport comes from the feeling of free-fall and rebound as one jumps from the height and oscillates up and down.
In numerous parts of the world, you can experience Bungee Jumping from hot-air-balloonshelicopters and much more, but in Nepal, the experience is entirely different. In Nepal, most of the high structures are beside a water body which allows you to view the magnificent water body and the surrounding area while you leap.
As of now, there are a handful of sites which provide the experience, but the oldest and the most popular one is The Last Resort near Bhote Koshi River. It is the first Bungee Jumping Site of Nepal designed under the consultancy of New Zealand experts. The site stands 160 m above the wreckless Bhote Koshi River and is a popular location for both Nepalese and foreigners to experience the extreme sport.
The Last Resort is just three hours bus-ride away from Kathmandu, and as you reach the location, you have to sign a waiver, and you are all set to gain the experience of Bungee Jumping in Nepal.
The team who take safety as their main priority attach you to the safety gears and the harnesses while instructing you at the same time.
After all producers of safety and instructing are complete, you stand on the platform with your hands apart while the wind blows through your hair and the mighty Bhote Koshi splashes and flows aggressively below. As instructed, you will jump from the platform and experience free-fall and fell weightless. The cord holding you will stretch fully, and you will oscillate up and down for a while, and in a matter of seconds, the experience of Bungee Jumping in Nepal will be over.
While Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport conducted by professionals in a very safe environment, not everyone is eligible to try it out.

People with health conditions mentioned below should not try Bungee Jumping:

  • Epilepsy
  • Heart Diseases
  • Alcoholic
  • Drug Addiction
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Psychological Problems
  • Neurological Problems
  • Pregnant Women

Nonetheless, Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport in the bucket list of every daredevil and Nepal has a unique Bungee Jumping experience to offer them.

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