04 Mar, 2018 Great Nepal Treks


If you are making plan to Travel in Nepal then you never miss to visit Lumbini; one of the best tourist destination of Nepal which is located at the Nepalese town of Kapilavastu, district Rupandehi and covers 4.8km in length and 1.3 km in width. It is the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha who is the founder of Buddhism in 7th or 6th century BC. Maya Devi gave birth to Buddha on the way to her parents’ home in Devadaha in the months of May.  You can see a variety of inscriptions, bricks and other evidences of Lumbini being the birthplace of Buddha which was rediscover by archaeologist in 1995. They built Ashoka Pillar and confirmed the linkage of Lumbini with Buddha. The UNESCO enlisted the Lumbini as a world heritage site due to its history and culture in both Hindu and Buddhist community. Spring and winter are the best time to visit in Lumbini.

Almost 20,000 tourists travel Lumbini every year (Source: Nepal Tourism Board).

"Buddha is considered as the LIGHT OF ASIA"

BUDDHA means enlightment. Buddhism is not only the religion but also the principle of peace

What are the best things to see in Lumbini?

What is Maya Devi Temple?

The Maya Devi Temple is one of the most major Tourist attractions of Lumbini which is also called “Spiritual Heart of Lumbini”. The temple is exact spot of Buddha’s birth, denoted by a marker stone. On the side of Garden you will find the pillar of Ashokan which linkage of Lumbini with Buddha. The holy pond near the Temple is believed that where Maya Devi bathed before giving birth to Lord Buddha.  

What is Ashokan Pillar?

Ashoan Pillar is another major attraction of Lumbini which was built during 249 BC, when Emperor Ashoka of Indian visited in the village of Lumbini. He built Stupa and Pillar, made an inscription where he describes his visit and importance of Lumbini as the birth place of Lord Buddha. The pillar is surrounded by iron fence with colorful prayer flags. The main importance of this pillar is it holds a historical importance of Lumbini.      

What is World Peace Pagoda?

It is another attraction of Lumbini which was built by the Japanese Buddhist Monk at the cost of US 1 Million in 1947. We can see the statue of Lord Buddha in the position of his birth. It is in Pagoda structure with white color and Golden statue. Here are some rules which we have to follow while visiting Peace Pagoda:

  • Noises should be prohibited around Pagoda.
  • Throwing of paper, plastic and rubbish randomly is not allowed.
  • Plants around Stupa shouldn’t be pulled out.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited around the Stupa.
  • Picnics, shootings or any other kinds of sound systems are totally banned in Stupa.
  • Entertainment activities like picnic, dance, playing game are totally banned in stupa.
  • Writing names on the walls of Stupas aren’t allouded. 

Lumbini Museum

Lumbini Museum is another place where we can see the photos and artifacts from Buddhist sites all over the world and it is directly dedicated to the Buddhism. It is exactly situated in the village of Tilaurakot which is just 27 km west of Lumbini.  Here we can finds a lot of old images, statutes, equipments which provides research facilities for study of Buddhsim religion. It also offers the replicas of the monumental structures and artifacts of Kapilvastu and Lumbini.

Thousand of tourist from the prosperous countries to the marginal level make their dream destination to Nepal just to step the land of Buddha and to enlight the life into the path of peace. There are several destinations and sports to feel, observe the presence of Buddha. You can step the birthland of Buddha, practice Yoga and special meditation and can get rid of panic situation.  "YES!" it is possible in Nepal....