01 Jan, 2018 Great Nepal Treks


"After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations" - Oscar Wilde

What is the reason we work hard? The answer differs from one to another. But the ultimate answer that comes in every person is to survive which means to eat. Then come the clothes, shelter and other needs. The cuisine differs from one country to another with the differing culture. You might not live to eat but someone does. 

When it comes to food with different tastes then Nepal is the country, you should not miss. The phrase that roams in my ear since my childhood told by my mother, “Khana falyo bhane khana le sarap cha.” It’s actually the respect shown towards the food in Nepali culture. If you are foodie, loves tasting varieties of cultural foods then Nepal is the country you should never miss to explore. We the Great Nepal Treks and Expedition teach How to make Nepali food and occurrence of Nepali desserts and you can snaps Nepali food photos.  Here is some list of foods you should never miss if you are traveling to Nepal. 

Gwaramari with Milk tea (Chiya)
If you are traveling through the Newar’s residency, it’s not a problem to find the Chiyapasal that serves tea and Gwaramari. It is the most loved Newari breakfast item loved by the people. It is made up of flour mixed with some ingredients that make them taste different. If you are roaming around Patan Durbar Square early in the morning you will encounter the public buying in a small polythene plastic bag. The sweet flour mold called “Haluwa” is the item that makes the Gwaramari tastes sweeter taking with than with milk tea. It is the most taken breakfast by me.

Thakali Khana
The name is rooted from the Nepal’s mesmerizing landscape Thak Khola. It is very much popular in these days from the local restaurants to the five star hotels. The ThakaliKhana set comprises of an improvised version of Dal Bhat with the varieties of vegetables and meat. Dhindo is also served as per the request of the customers. It is the food you will think twice before tasting because of the texture of its presentation. The signboard of “ThakaliKhana” will be visible in the restaurants that offer those foods. The price ranges from Rs.300 to Rs.2500 giving you the unforgettable experience you never had.

Samay Baji and Lapate Bhoye
SamayaBaji is the Newari cuisine having different varieties of dishes with the cultural drinks Aaela and Tho. It holds both cultural and religious significance. The items included comprises of the nutritional diet. Each item tastes different which is the reason to gain popularity among the Nepalese people. There are some Newari restaurants offering the NewariKhaja set.
LapateBhoye is performed occasionally as the celebration of wedding, Bratabanda. It is the traditional party of Newars where you will be seated on a long, narrow straw mats and foods served in a sequential way on a lapate (leaf plate). The drinks are offered in a small clay bowl (pala/salicha). Elders are the first to be served then to others. The items include Baji (beaten rice) followed by curries like Geda Gudi (mix of different lentils), Hariyo Saag (green spinach) and Alu tama (curry of potatoes and bamboo shoot) having a unique aroma, you surely can’t deny tasting. Spicy achaar (pickles) follows, and there may be two of those: Alu Kerau (a spicy mixture of radish, potatoes, and green and small brown peas) and Tamatar ko achaar (ripe tomato pickle). I beingNewar, is a fan of Samay Baji and Lapate Bhoye.

It is a vegetable comprising Rayo, mustard lea, radish leaf and cauliflower leaf dried in the sun in order to remove moisture. It was first prepared during the war in Nepal in order to keep them survive. It taste awesome when it is fried and mixed with the salt, green chili, salt, lemon, juice, garlic, and tomato. After the Gundruk is mixed with the tomato and other ingredients, its smell will make your mouth go watery.

Juju Dhau
Juju Dhau, the king of yogurt is thick, creamy and sweet prepared in Bhaktapur. You will not get the taste of the curd-like this in any corner of the world. The curds placed on the clay pot makes it cooler and more tastier. You will find the shop at Bhaktapur, the city of gods selling the curd throughout the year. 

First answer in everyone mouth when the question is raised, “Which is your best food?”  You will get to hear the same answer from all age group people as “MO:MO”. Even when we are given a menu, first we will search for Mo:Mo then to other. You will find it in every corner of restaurants, hotels and local shops. The dumpling’s size differs as per the price. The best accompanying item to take with is Achaar. It has been improvised and named as open momo, c-momo, rainbow mom etc. The smell we take as soon as the cap of mucktoo is removed will make your mouth go watery. And there is no way that your brain will let you go without tasting it.