22 Mar, 2019 Great Nepal Treks


Nepal itself is an aventerous land. It is the best trekking and tour destination for all level of travellers. There are sevel trekking and adventerous destinations in Nepal. Among them white water rafting is the best adventerous activity.

Trisuli river rafting is well suited for those who don't have much time yet want to experience an adrenaline haste. In Trisuli you will encounter Class 1 to class 3 rapids, (with class 6 being the toughest according to the international rating scale) which are well spaced, giving some time to balance the adrenaline levels.

Come indulge in the majestic and tranquil waters of the Himalayas……

Banks of Trisuli River provide a very serene location for a great outdoor lunch. Who doesn’t want one? And for those who wish to squeeze out some time for meditation you can also do it on the harmonious beaches.

Usually, the river trip starts at a put-in- point in a village called the Charaudi. Good operators like “The Great Nepal tours and Expeditions” will always put safety at first, so the trip usually begins with a briefing session where the basics of paddling, route and the essential safety measures are all primed.Visit Great Nepal Treks & Expedition  for the best offers and packages. The packages generally include all the equipment, lunch and the transfers.

Which is the Best time for rafting in Trisuli River? You get the simply answer  as follows:-

  • September to December (Moderate water level)
  • June to August (High water level)

Another exclusive feature Trisuli River is that during the monsoons, the rapids become more intense and the river takes a different form, which therefore attracts a different class of rafters.

You may have the several quarries in your mind regarding the rafting attempt in Nepal like

Is it possible for all to go for Rafting in Nepal?

What are the safety measures before going to Rafting in Nepal?

Is it totally safe to go for Rafting in Nepal?

Is your company an authorised agency for operating the rafting in the white water of Nepal?

We have very simple answer:

Yes! we can do for you. 

The duration of the Trisuli River rafting is almost 6 to 8 hours, of which you are expected to hit the beach for the lunch in no more than 2 hours from the start.

Usually, the trip ends towards the evening and you will be driven to the scheduled destination in few hours like to Kathmandu-5 hours, Pokhara-4 hours and to Chitwan (the unique sestination for jungle safari and wild life adventure). It only takes 1 hour.

It is our pride to share with our blogs readres that Great Nepal Treks is only the first company in Nepal who have successfully operated the rafting for the Ex-Royal families

Duration: 10 hours

Difficulty level: Easy for all seasons but moderate for rainy season

It is well said that "naturally Nepal once is not enough". Feel the thrill of white water rafting yourself and erase your stresses.