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Whispering a Prayer Amidst the Chaotic City | Baudhanath Stupa

baudhanath stupa

When you’re at Baudhanath Stupa Nepal, you feel nothing but peace. The cool wind blowing and making the prayer flag flow in a rhythm. There are hymns coming from every direction, but also, you feel a certain quietness. Kathmandu is a chaotic city, and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. It is amusing to realize that there exists a place like Baudhanath Stupa Nepal that whispers prayers amidst this chaos, and somehow, these prayers reach the souls of the ones who are the devotees. Visiting Baudhanath Stupa Nepal is a wonderful experience overall..

Baudhanath Stupa Nepal

Baudhanath Stupa Nepal is one of the most prominent religious and cultural heritages of Nepal. Boudha Stupa is regarded highly not just by the Buddhists, but also by other Nepalese, no matter their religion or background. Boudha Stupa is one of the most visited religious heritages of Nepal as well. No matter what part of the world the tourists come to Nepal, no matter their purpose, they make sure to make a visit to Baudhanath Stupa. Baudhanath Stupa is an excellent example Buddhist art and architecture. The Buddhist stupa which is a part of the complex is situated on top of a mandala. For the Tibetan Buddhists, this Buddhist stupa is of a very high importance. Baudhanath Stupa Nepal is in fact a complex of many Buddhist heritages.

Boudhanath Stupa Story

There is a very famous Boudhanath Stupa Story that revolves around the importance of Baudhanath Stupa Nepal. Boudhanath Stupa Nepal is regarded highly by the Tibetans. For them, it is the most significant Buddhist religious site in Nepal. Swayambhunath is the second one. This is probably because of the routes covering the heritage that leads to ancient Tibet. Boudhanath Area happens to fall on the ancient Tibet trade route. Tibetan traders who came to Nepal made sure to pay their homage to the temple of Boudhanath. Even when they camped, they did it around the area of Boudhanath. Later on, when the Tibetans had to flee away from their country, a lot of them came and settled around the Baudhanath Stupa Nepal area.

How To Get To Boudhanath Stupa

Before you plan to visit Boudhanath Stupa, it’s important that you know the answer to question like, how to get to Boudhanath Stupa. Now, if you’re a person who doesn’t mind riding public vehicles, you will get buses and microbuses from different parts of the valley, mainly Ratnapark area. If you’re anywhere on the ring road, you’ll find buses headed towards the direction of Baudhanath Stupa Nepal. If you’ve reached as close as Chabahil, which is the nearest roundabout to Baudhanath Stupa Nepal, you’ll find all kinds of vehicles offering you a ride.

Why Are There Eyes On The Boudhanath Stupa

It’s interesting at times to know about symbols. Most religious heritages are symbolic and so they convey one or the other meaning. So, to answer the question, why are their eyes on the Boudhanath Stupa, well, it’s a symbol. The eyes are a symbol of Buddha’s wisdom and compassion. Right above the two eyes is a third eye, which is believed to send cosmic rays to the heaven. These rays, once they reach the heaven, interact with the heavenly beings, and invite them to come to earth and witness the actions and listen to the teachings of Buddha.

eyes on the baudhanath stupa

When Was Boudhanath Stupa Built

Now, despite the fact that there are so many mythological stories regarding the origin and establishment of Baudhanath Stupa Nepal, there are historical evidence on, when was Boudhanath Stupa built. Baudhanath Stupa Nepal was founded during the reign of Sivadeva, a prominent Lichchhavi king between the late 6th century to the early 7th century. The entire Baudhanath Nepal complex was built in stages and numerous rulers are to be credited for it. For instance, emperor Trisong Detsen of Tibet is also credited with the construction of Boudhanath Stupa during late 8th century, and so is Yolmo Shakya Zangpo from Helambu.

Things To Do Around Baudhanath Stupa

Baudhanath Stupa is one of the most preferred places to visit not just by the tourists, but also by the locals. It is a weekly thing for youngsters around the area to visit the complex and spend quality time there. Inside the complex, you will find so many eateries, from small to big, serving all kinds of delicacies. During your visit to the Baudhanath complex, you could spend a considerable amount of time here. In the same way, in or around the complex, you will find so many shops selling different kinds of items. From artifacts and accessories to locally produced clothes, and so on. Baudhanath complex area is a great place to shop. You’re sure to find one or the other item to take back home as a memento of your holidays in Nepal. Baudhanath complex is the ideal place for you to visit if you’re a religious person. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a Buddhist or not. You can visit a few among the 50+ gompas that are a part of the complex. You can light the butter lamps in those gompas, pray and meditate in the peaceful setting here. It is the best place for you to know about Buddhism altogether.

shopping in and around baudhanath stupa

Buddhism In Nepal

Buddhism is a religion that started in Nepal. It was started by Gautam Buddha who also happens to be the founder of Buddhism. Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal, in a place called Lumbini. There is a very interesting legend that tells the story of how Gautam Buddha transformed from a prince to a sage that attained salvation, and in order to help others attain the same, founded the religion known as Buddhism. Buddhism is the second most followed religion in Nepal after Hinduism. It’s spread in the entire country, with its followers living in every corner. 

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Buddhist Temples In Nepal

There are so many Buddhist temples in Nepal, both big and small. They exist in the form of chortens, monasteries, nunneries, stupas, and so on. No matter what part of Nepal you’re in, you’ll come across one or the other one. The most prominent Buddhist temples in Nepal happen to be Baudhanath Stupa Nepal and Swayambhunath. These two Buddhist temples in Nepal are also enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage site list. During your visit to Nepal, one of the things that you can do is try and explore Buddhism, which you can do by visiting these.

Swayambhunath stupa

World Heritage Sites In Nepal

Altogether, there are 10 World Heritage sites in Nepal. These UNESCO World Heritage site can be divided into two categories, the ones having natural significance, and the others having religious significance. 7 out of the 10 World Heritage Site in Nepal happens to be in Kathmandu Valley; they are mostly of cultural significance. The rest of the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Site are situated outside the valley; they are of natural and as well as religious significance. The World Heritage sites in Kathmandu are Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Changu Narayan, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The complex of Baudhanath is also among the world heritage sites in Kathmandu. In the same way, the World Heritage Sites outside Kathmandu are Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park and Lumbini. During your visit to Nepal, you must cover these interesting places.

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No matter why you’ve come to Nepal, you’d definitely spend a couple of days in the capital. During this time, it is recommended that you visit the UNESCO World Heritage site located in Kathmandu. If you’re very busy, and unable to cover them all, try to visit at least the Baudhanath Stupa Nepal. You will absolutely adore the peace and serenity that you’d get to experience here. And the most interesting thing is that this quietness that you will experience exists despite all the crowd and the noise. Rejoice the hymns and sounds that would flow around you at the stupa.

shopping in and around baudhanath stupa

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