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Shubha is one of our most experienced staff member and is responsible of all account related tasks, as well as our domestic and international air ticketing department.  He comes to us with years of experience and his management style builds significantly on our concepts of teamwork. He is highly respected in the Nepalese travel and trade industry.  He is a humble man with great humility and is known for his kind smile and gentle demeanor.  We are proud to have him in charge of our sales department.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Amrit ​Chief Operation Executive

Amrit is our Chief Operation Executive, an individual who has a deep seeded passion for traveling. He is also a licensed trekking guide and often serves as the first point of contact with our clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and is known for being both charming and engaging. His professional approach to sales is refreshing and his skill in building itineraries and customizing our pre-designed packages has earned him many positive client reviews which undoubtedly makes him a vital part of our company. 

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Sabina Correspondence Executive

A new member of the GNTE team, Sabina is our corresponding executive and content writer. An avid writer by heart, she does not only create new contents but also offers a continuous flow of new ideas. A very creative part of your team, Sabina has settled in very well and we aim to take her beside us in our journey.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Yogesh Tour Officer

A new addition to our GNTE team, Yogesh started out as an intern a few months ago. Right now he serves in the position of Tour Officer and the dedication he shows towards the company, and the hard work he puts into everything is commendable. A young man with a lot of energy, hunger for learning and persistence, he is a thriving part of our team.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Kalpana Front Desk Officer

Kalpana hails from Kathmandu is one of our most dedicated support personnel. Her charming personality and passion for her work make her a huge asset. While mostly behind the scene, Kalpana handles all administrative support tasks.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Lhakpa Tenje Mountaineering guide

Lhakpa Tenje Sherpa was born and rasied  on the lap of the Mt. Everest. As a child he was mesmerized by the mountains. He started his career as a porter and gradually worked his way through training to become a certified mountaineering guide. He holds certification in guided trekking and wilderness first aid. In 2006 and again in 2012 Lhakpa successfully climbed Mt. Everest. He has also summited many other peaks and mountains. He is extremely well known and respected among climbers from around the world.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Deuman Trekking Guide

Deuman has been a member of the trekking community for a very long time and is  one of our most highly qualified trekking guides. He is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in Nepal and also holds a High Altitude First Aid Certificate. His goal is to always deliver the best experience for our clients. His talents and extensive knowledge enhance both long and short excursions well off the beaten track.

Kanchimaya Office Assistant

A part of Great Nepal Treks and Expedition from the very beginning, Kanchi Maya Tamang is our Office Assistant and her contribution to the company is astonishing. She makes sure that we do not miss the taste of home while we are at work and also has a big hand in the good health of all our staffs. She is a motherly figure of our company, taking care of all the staffs and their dietary needs. We are very grateful for the care she shows towards our staffs and the healthy homely food she makes with love.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com


Tom is our newest consultant.  He visited Nepal last summer for the first time as one of our clients.  Over the course of his six-week visit he became friends with our founder and our sales team.  One thing led to another and after a bit of time we asked him to help us with our website content.  Tom brings over 25 years of experience in tourism, having owned and operated a five-star bed and breakfast in Alaska, as well as one of the largest independent travel agencies in the state.  In addition he and his wife built and operated a tour company, a transportation company, and a web design and consulting firm.  Tom is now retired and is currently on a six-year world tour with a goal of visiting 125 countries.  He works remotely on our website content as time permits and we are pleased to have him on the team.

Email: info@greatnepaltreks.com

Reeta Rai Advisor

An expert in her field, Reeta’sgoal for our firm is to ensure that the Great Nepal Group of Companies delivers only the highest quality of service to its clients. Reeta comes to us with eight years of experience in the tourism sector, is an experience and extensive world traveler, and has enjoyed  many years working with NGO’s and community organizations. Reeta is currently the chairperson of IWDFN (Inclusive Women Development Forum Nepal). We are proud to have her as part of our team.

Andrea Robinson Consultant

Andrea is a passionate photographer and writer. This clearly visible in her work. She has worked extensively over the past three years within the Nepal tourism sector. She has also spent much of the last ten years traveling and photographing some of the most beautiful locations around the world. Her passionate love of Nepal, in particular, the people and the mountains is obvious in her work. She brings over fifteen years experience in business managerment, online marketing, content writing, and social media platforms. She  is committed to ensuring that the Great Nepal Group of Companies presents high-quality products in an easy- to-read format and works with our sales teams to ensure our client experiences are exemplary.

Surya Bahadur Ghimire Chairman

Our dynamic and energetic team leader is a PhD scholar in Tourism management and has over twenty years of experience in Nepalese tourism.  He is an accomplished traveler himself, having visited many countries.  His foreign travel and experiences have provided him with a unique understanding of the goals and interests of international tourists.  He is an executive member of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), our nation’s largest and most respected organization for trekking agencies and related vendors.  In 2015 he served two years as their Media, Press, and Publication Coordinator.  This tenure introduced him to a different philosophy on promoting tourism and hospitality and those changes are reflected today in the way we do business and treat our customers.  We are proud to be a premier provider of responsible, sustainable, and eco-friendly tourism services.

In addition to his accomplishments in tourism, he is also a respected community leader with a primary goal of promoting peace and prosperity by uplifting those less fortunate and still living in poverty in the lap of the Himalayas. Hiswork in social and community contributions are widely recognized as having provided many with a better life and a chance to improve the lives of their families and those around them.  The following are a few of the social, community, and business organizations that reflect Surya’s commitment to the people of Nepal:

  1. Director, Babylon National School -www.bns.edu.np
  2. Board Secretary, Manab Kalyan Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd. - www.manabkalyan.com
  3. Chairman, AakritySub Money Remittance
  4. Chairman, Tyamke Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. - www.tyamketravels.com
  5. President, Lions Club of Kathmandu LCK Great Nepal
  6. Executive Member, Rotary Club of Bhadgaon
  7. Media, Press & Publican Department Coordinator and Executive Member, Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) - www.taan.org.np
  8. Secretary, Inclusive Women Development Forum IWDFN - www.iwdfn.org.np

Email: gntreks321@gmail.com

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