Company Profile

Great Nepal Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is our flagship initiative among the Great Nepal chain of initiatives namely, Great Nepal Travels Pvt. Ltd. and Great Nepal Holidays Pvt. Ltd. We have a team of handpicked individuals at your disposal who collectively have a vast amount of experience in serving clients from around the world. You will find your niche with our exquisitely personalized trips that leave your clients breathless and wanting more. Our competitive advantage is that the satisfaction of our guests is of unparalleled importance to us. Equally important is the financial satisfaction of our clients, preservation of our cultural heritage and diversity and our commitment to performing responsible tourism. Don’t take our word for it; try us and find out for yourself.


  • Return for every penny you pay: We assure you not 100% but 99.9 % satisfaction for every penny of your hard-earned money. Yes, this is a profit business, but with Great Nepal, it is never confined to that alone. With the level of expertise we have prepared for serving our guests, we have consistently exceeded our guests’ expectations and we will do the same in the days to come too. Quality is always consistently maintained regardless of the circumstances.
  • Societal Contribution: When you spend a dollar for yourself with us, you create another opportunity for the employment of people, you add one more hand for charity to the needy and you make one more effort for making not just yourself but numerous people happy all at the same time. So why think twice? Great Nepal is a responsible company that believes in creating community prosperity and that is exactly what you are contributing to.
  • Transparency and Reliability: One of our strengths in the market transparency and reliability in all our activities. You will feel like you are in safe hands with the impeccability of our claims to actions ratio, the level professionalism we portray in our demeanor, and the transparency in everything that happens with your money.
  • Environmental Conservation: The activities we perform are carried out with a mindset of preservation and conservation. After all, if this environment degrades, there won’t be any tourism at all. So, having built a robust understanding of the importance of our environment, all our activities promote nature conservation and take a step towards sustainability.
  • The Nepali within: This is something that sets us completely apart from all other companies. We Nepalese consider our guests as God and in Great Nepal; you will realize how true this statement is. The relation between the guests our staff isn’t just of money. It is something much more profound and indescribable. We are willing to walk that extra mile for your happiness even if it isn’t covered in your pay. There is a bonding that is created between you and us that makes your experience here all the more wonderful